The Campbells are coming

Amid the excitement and consternation caused by Campbell Newman’s appointment as extra-Parliamentary leader of the LNP, no-one seems to have noticed a striking fact about the devotion and confidence of his followers. After Bruce Flegg declined some very pressing suggestions that he should spend more time with his family, not a single member of the Parliamentary Party stepped forward to offer the new leader a seat. While commentators have wisely opined that Campbell’s plan might be either crazy or brilliant, the alternative of a quick entry to Parliament, had it been available to him, would have been odds-on to win, given that the LNP was ahead in the polls even under whatshisname, the former leader.

9 thoughts on “The Campbells are coming

  1. As the LNP caucus seems less than enthusiastic about their prospective leader, this must leave a very big opening for anyone else, not currently sitting, to throw their hat in the ring. Maybe we could have several prospective LNP leaders contesting the next election.

    Qld Labor’s best strategy, rather than go to an early election, might be to sit back and watch the LNP self destruct.

  2. I don’t care what the Illiberal Party, the Unlabor Party, the Country Bumpkins Party or the One Notion Party do, as I’ll never vote for any of them. The Unlabor Party in this group is the only party I ever voted for but that was when they were more or less a Labor Party.

    It’s very liberating knowing I never again have to listen to a thing any of these parties say. I know they are all complete liars, totally venal and stupid. Nothing any of them says has the slightest value. I save a lot of time and angst by never listening to a word they say.

    It feels good to be free of all that nonsense. πŸ™‚

  3. How cruel of you to refer to JPL as “whatisname”, particularly after the LNP spend all that money last year on billboards, newspaper, radio and TV advertising trumpeting him as leader of the party. Let’s see a bit more sensitivity here πŸ™‚

  4. Maybe some the LNP caucus have inner city apartments and got slammed by his ‘Brand New Tax/Rating System’.

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