Crooked Timber on OBL obit

“It sure seems like Obama’s job as secret Muslim operative imposing Sharia law on the US just got a whole lot harder.”

We probably should have an open thread on Bin Laden’s death. Consider this that thread.

40 thoughts on “Crooked Timber on OBL obit

  1. The aim of USA was to drag the Soviet Union into the “Afghan trap” as US Secretary of State Zbigniew Brzezinski termed it.

    google ‘Soviet war in Afghanistan’

    The wars in response to Bin Laden’s strategy have already cost more US lives than his initial tactical strike.

    The total cost in all lives is two or three orders of magnitude greater, and will cost trillions upon trillions and has profoundly changed the political landscape.

    Bin Laden exploited the US weakness (and the weakness of those force to fawn to the US) that it the military industrial congressional complex. Bin Laden’s strategy is still winning. We are still losing.

  2. The major question is why did this take a decade?

    After 11/9 the first suggestion made at GWB national security council meeting by Wolfowitz was to invade Iraq.

    Whilst AQ and OBL was the only threat to the US after 11/9 Iraq posed no threat at all to its neighbours lat alone the US.

    the US invades Iraq and wastes a lot of time, money, international goodwill and resources instead of going after AQ and destroying them.

    doing this GWB and his cohorts were clearly traitors but we still don’t know why they did this.

    Three answers come to mind

    1) they are idiots
    2) they were bribed by AQ
    3) we will never know

    Terje is correct. Alice you should never have brought it up.

  3. I should add he was a lowlife.
    Died while making his wife a shield.

  4. OBL wanted to inflict massive damage on the US. With lots of help from the US and in particular GW Bush looks like he got what he wanted.

    Mission Accomplished.

  5. @jakerman

    What is the return on investment for Bin Laden poking the soft spot of the US Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

    4 x piolet training and accomodation @ say $100,000 each = $400,000
    20 airline ticks and 20 box cutters = $40,000
    Sundary expenses = 1,000,000

    Total project outlay = 1 to 2 million

    Cost induced to US = several billion in planes and property damage
    Several Trillion in war costs
    Immeasurable cost in loss of civil liberties and closing of US to be more a security state.

    Return on investment is in the order of several million to one.

  6. It might be a conincidence, but they found Bin Landin within two weeks of a mass brakeout of detainees in Afghanistan, some of whom might have gone running home.

    Would be quite a gamble if they were allowed to breakout.

  7. OBL has been an ISI asset since the 80s, and obviously he still had friends in all the right places.

    Living since 2005 in a mansion, which was built especially for him, right next to the country’s largest military academy, around the corner from a local police station. In a town that is apparently the retirement center for Pakistan’s military elite.

    No wonder he was living there, since he was practically a member of Pakistan’s military elite. Plus he (and his intelligence-services friends) might have considered himself as “retired”, after having successfully achieved his main aim: the removal of US troops from “The Land of the Two Holy Mosques”.

    It was the stationing of US troops in Saudi Arabia during and after the Gulf War that made OBL into an enemy of the US. The troops were removed from Saudi Arabia in 2003, two years after the attacks which were explicitly motivated by their presence there.

    What’s interesting about this is how the US managed to pull off this Hollywood strike without any ISI friends knowing enough to tip him off. I wonder if much has changed in the ISI since Musharraf departed.

    I’m surprised that the US managed to beat natural causes here. The timing was remarkable as well, after the whole birth certificate release and the roasting of Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner, the announcement is perfectly timed to interrupt Celebrity Apprentice. Speaking of timing, it was also the anniversary of Bush’s Mission Accomplished Speech.

  8. It took a Democrat President of the US of A to do it. And he didn’t have to invade another country. Now hopefully we can get out of of Afghanistan. If not, can Aussie diggers be in the movie?

  9. @Ernestine Gross
    Im waiting for Dubya to leap up and say with a slick grin…if it wasnt for my efforts no one would have got him. What a shame it wasnt a really major effort so that Halliburton could have made a profit on the taxpayer funded privatised war supply chains.

  10. Gerard says

    “Living since 2005 in a mansion, which was built especially for him, right next to the country’s largest military academy, around the corner from a local police station. In a town that is apparently the retirement center for Pakistan’s military elite.”

    and the US republicans didnt have a clue right?

  11. The US Republicans, & everybody else are unlikely to have had a clue. The world is a big place, & all walls have ears.

    In a 10 acre patch of trees I defy anybody to locate me in hide & seek, especially if I am allowed to move around.
    Bin Laden had the entire world.
    In a western society I’d have to become an itinerant hobo to have any hope of avoiding the authorities locating me.
    In the undeveloped world, anybody’d be much harder to catch.

    Rather a shock to hear he was killed though, as I’d thought him dead years ago.

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