Quick update on torture

In my post on bin Laden’s death, I noted the spin in a New York Times story suggesting that torture had helped to extract the clues leading to bin Laden’s location, even though the facts reported suggested the opposite. This analysis, also in the NYT, confirms both the spinning and the fact that the evidence produced under brutal torture was deliberately misleading. Given the failure of the Bush Administration to get anywhere near bin Laden, it seems likely that they were in fact misled, deluded by the ancient belief that evidence extracted under torture is the most reliable kind.

It’s noteworthy that the URL for the story is “torture”, but the article itself doesn’t adopt that description and doesn’t even use the word until well after the lede.

58 thoughts on “Quick update on torture

  1. Steve, I’m going to enforce the no commercial policy. Not that I particularly mind a beer but the value of your contributions is not sufficient to justify bending the rules for you. Please use a different gravatar.

  2. @Steve at the Pub

    Sorry Steve, I haven’t known you long enough to make that call. Also, that’s a harsh call. And as others who post here know, I strenuously avoid being harsh. By the way, are you sure you meant “effect”?

  3. @ Freelander
    “Effect” was your word not mine.

    @ moderator, if I knew how to change gravatar I would, I’ve had this one a long time.
    This is not to be confused for an apology for using a heritage listed object as a gravatar. Though I do not endorse or consume the stuff myself, I’m proud of Qld, proud of the state’s heritage.

    Enforce what you like, it is your site.

  4. Iconoclast at 18, page 1

    Strong and true comment. We seem to have lost our collective moral compass if we can intellectualize about torture.

  5. … the stuff is actually a test of one’s constitutions David. How Qld’ers have can not only manage to get it down, but actually appear to relish the act of drinking it, is beyond me.
    They’ve been doing it for years.
    It is sort of a Qld version of Leyland; unique, iconically parochial to possess, & completely unpalatable should you try to use it.

  6. Seeing as I can hardly see Satps gravatar I think we could be a bit more tolerant even if the beer is bad it is a bit of a QLD heritage icon

    He is just a working pub manager and actually some of his stories are pretty interesting (listen Steve – Im not sure that you got it right blaming that girl who kicked her dance partner in the shin on the dance floor as being responsible for that brawl outside of 10 blokes to one, because a) how do you know she even knew that fellow and b) how do you know what he did or didnt do before she kicked him in the shin on the dancefloor? Circumstantial evidence.

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