Monday Message Board

It’s time again for the Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. As usual, civilised discussion and no coarse language. Lengthy side discussions to the sandpits, please.

27 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Thanks @Jill Rush, I’m not saying the locals are ungrateful, far from it. The facility is both large and undeniably useful and I am sure will see many years of good service. But, for example, the gift of a car would be most welcome knowing it will get you from A to B, but that would not diminish the disappointment one would feel knowing the donor paid for a Bentley and the agent arrived with a Tata.

    As to @Freelander you appear to have missed the point of my link on the Home Insulation Program, namely, that under the scheme the frequency of fires diminished significantly even though the total numbers went up due to the much larger increase in total installations being undertaken. The rest I will let through to the keeper, except for your final comment. The assertion that modern economies are a chimera built on a ‘on a network of beliefs and trust’ effectively undoes the enlightenment understanding that the world is not the figment of some capricious imagination, but is knowable, measurable and rational. That modern economies are wilfully unstable is a perfectly rational outcome given the level of greed and manipulation that infuses them at the behest of those who gain most from such instability.

    And to @Ian Milliss I can only comment that acquiescence is neither mandatory nor necessary; while the modernist dream of unfettered progress has indeed suffered death from a thousand cuts, the post-modernist world offers more than nihilism and incomprehension. Perhaps not perfect, but why not better?

  2. PrQ … are you going to post something on the debate in the US over raising the debt ceiling from $US14.3 trillion?

    I’d be interested.

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