Burying the lede

That’s US press jargon for putting the key item in a story so far down no-one will read and it certainly applies to this David Carr story about NewsCorp in the US. You have to get down to the bottom of the first page to discover that News settled, very generously, a claim in which it was accused of hacking a competitors systems. That seems to undermine the common assumption (including mine) that the specific pathology of hacking was confined to the UK.

31 thoughts on “Burying the lede

  1. @Macondo

    Yes. The BBC is hardly objective. I was amused listening to them on the DSK scandal. The expert they managed to dig up for one broadcast still seemed to be fighting the Hundred Years war. I was waiting at anytime for him to break into a piece of Pythonesque Frenchie sledging, or to regurgitate the ‘cheese munching surrender monkey’ epithet.

  2. Slightly off topic, but its interesting to note that Murdoch has proved the antidote to the Journo Margo Kingston’s six year “allergy”. What’s more she’s tried to get a group up on FB, a Campaign to have Murdoch media examined in our parliament also. Included are some journo, political and academic names, like Lindsay Tanner and Catherine Lumby.
    Our host is familiar with the reasons, rationale and need sometimes for these tactics, as a signatory himself on previous statements on enviro and financial matters. He will know I am off to progressive blogs like this to encourage theintelligent and qualified people here to join or atleast morally support the campaign.
    If you feel its time to rein in tabloid media; if you feel we have reached a “Bonhoeffer moment” in this communities history, please consider..

  3. @ paul walter

    Our “Bonhoeffer moment” was ten years ago, if you ask me. It’s too late now. We’re all be ruuned, I tell you.

  4. (gloomily) agree Scott- so many things could have been sorted, but for obstructionists. Instead we have the same old problems and after ten years no further advanced-look at the carbon tax and refugees, for a start.

  5. In relation to Murdoch, the trick is to “do the b’sard slowly”. Thats that way Nixon was brought down, drip, drip, drip.

    There shouldn’t be a rush to big inquiries; lay the groundwork first. First, ASCIO, police, various commissions, gather evidence and then a large inquiry as the final nail. Keep his travails in the news. If things are done too quickly it could all be over much to soon and the beast will only be injured, will go back to his lair, and recover. He and his confederates are unlikely to simply collapse; better to wage a war of attrition.

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