Half marathon update

My training for the half-marathon has been badly disrupted by illness, so I really need some encouragement. Click on the link to the left and put some money in to the Queensland Cancer Council. I’m going to a conference now, which is going to disrupt things further, but I’ll commit to putting in 20km on the treadmill while I’m away if you guys can bring the total donations up to $2500 by Sunday.

I’m still going to do my best to beat two hours, but it’s looking quite a bit harder now

BTW, reaching the $2500 target would be easy if commenter John Coochey would come up with the $500 he promised if I would agree to debate Christopher Monckton. Sad to say, there’s no sign so far that he’ll come up to scratch


7 thoughts on “Half marathon update

  1. don’t beat yourself up JQ.

    kindness to the bod is rewarded by the bod.

    (by that i don’t mean over-indulgence)

    be well.

    (it’s quite hard to send good wishes without sounding trite,oh well)

  2. With only two weeks to go, the risk is that in trying to “catch up” you injure yourself. You will not gain any “training effect” from now on in, so my advice is to get back your strength, run only when you feel comfortable and make your “go – no go” decision the Friday before the race. You will be able to find another “Half” in Qld in a month or so if you miss this one, or come to Perth and join me in the City to Surf!

  3. Done. Sorry to hear it. Get well soon. By the way, from the readers point of view, the link is on the *right.*

  4. May and the others beat me to it. What are you trying to do to yourself, man?
    Not that I should speak, given some of my habits. I’ll deserve all I get.
    But I have a huge vibe for JQ, as as decent a person as you’ll find and am not sure what he seems to be trying to atone for.
    Sorry. Above is not meant to be offensive, it is as genuine a concern as I can muster.

  5. Get well soon, Professor Quiggin. (I presume that the illness being mentioned is your own illness, rather than illness of family members, say?) Anyhow, don’t overdo things.

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