Core Economics plug

I’ve been very gratified by the number of my fellow economists who’ve come to my defence[1] following the attack on me in the Oz. Among the first was Joshua Gans at Core Economics. I wrote to thank him, but haven’t got around to a public mention. Now that I am around to it, it’s a good opportunity to mention that Core Economics is a great blog, where quite a few of Australia’s leading economists (aka my mates) hang out. Go and read some of the posts.

fn1.* With notably rare exceptions * (I’m (ab)using this blogmeme ironically), any members of the profession who agreed with the hit have kept pretty quiet about it

6 thoughts on “Core Economics plug

  1. Well, seems to me defence isn’t only coming to the rescue in regard to the OZ attack. I like Noahpinions latest post: “In which John Quiggin intellectually pulpifies Stephen Williamson” 😉

  2. congrats on the badge of honour – love your work!

    I haven’t noticed Henry Ergas jump to your defence. I’ve been hoping you’d tear apart some of his recent specious articles in the Oz. His column today was the first in months that wasn’t a one-sided assault on the ETS while letting Abbott off scott-free.

  3. Thanks John. It was a “someone is wrong on the Internet/MSM” moment.

    Hope to see you at UQ Tuesday. The seminar will be on the decline of the news media!

  4. Not that I am qualified to make definitive comment one way or the other on the absolute correctness of John Quiggin’s views, in my opinion, though, anyone who stimulates and facilitates dynamic debate advances the field science to the benefit of all. This is what I believe he generates with his very public profile, and I have absolutlely no difficulty in ignoring his detractors who seek to subvert his achievements.

  5. The question must surely be ‘What sort of society evolves when critical voices are one by one picked off by a reactionary media pathocracy, that prefers character assassination to debates as a means to win ‘the battle of ideas’ (their’s number but one, ‘Greed is good’). Naturally it could either go the US way, where Tea Party auto-derangement reduces debate to a cacophony of self-destructive idiocy, thanks in large part to St Rupert’s Fox News, or if it provokes resistance, and some politician, somewhere, has the guts to call a turd a turd, we might begin to throttle the neo-liberal incubus. Forgive me, Daybe, but I find the prospect of Henry Ergas coming to Quiggin’s aid mirth-inducing. Any opinion-monger who begins a rant with the observation, apropos of nothing, that he despises Greens and everybody he knows does too, as Ergas did recently, isn’t going to cause Chris Mitchell to lose any sleep.

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