Murdochracy vs Quiggin: another round

A couple of very minor updates on my stoush with News Limited, and particularly the Oz. In my response to Michael Stutchbury I raised two main complaints. First, Stutchbury was being precious in complaining about vigorous language on my part, given that the Oz editorial team (writing under cover of anonymity) had accused me of having a totalitarian mindset, but didn’t have the guts to name me, referring instead to an opinion writer in a financial tabloid. My second complaint was that Stutchbury was being disingenuous in claiming that the Oz supported carbon prices.

The other day, my Facebook news feed included a link to a Stutchbury piece from July referring to Abbott “mounting a powerful case against Gillard’s carbon tax”. Not exactly consistent with the supposed Oz line! As you would expect from someone who opposes a per tonne tax on something he believes to be weightless, Abbott’s arguments were in fact lame. The points that most impressed Stutchbury relied on Bjorn Lomborg’s Copenhagen Consensus exercise, something that even people on the right saw through years ago.

Trying to locate the piece again, I stumbled on this piece of snark (scroll to the end) in the “Cut and Paste” section, where the anonymous troll who runs the piece thought it clever to repeat the “opinion writer in a financial tabloid” jibe. Totally gutless. And these guys look down on bloggers.

Meanwhile, the Australian’s War on Science continues. Tim Lambert has instalment #67.

Update And, what do you know? Twitter tells me that today’s Cut and Paste has cited the Williamson review of Zombie Economics, without, of course, mentioning the fact that it has been comprehensively trashed in the blogosphere. I wonder if Williamson would be happy about being quoted approvingly by the gutter press. As for me, any publicity is good publicity. If the Oz opinion page weren’t so unreadable, I could expect a bit of a bump in book sales from this free plug.

59 thoughts on “Murdochracy vs Quiggin: another round

  1. dear Donald Oates
    thanks for that observation & the helpful metaphor of “poisoning the well” – you have succinctly captured a dread i’ve harbored for years about what howard (hack, spit!) was really up to all those years ago. there is an additional problem, that Fran Barlow (hi Fran) touches on with the metaphor (taken from the execrable pell) of “honeyed poison”, which i would like to expand upon a little. i know a rusted on abc viewer/listener who for years persisted with the view that the abc was the trustworthy source of news & current affairs that it had always been since he was a boy. he’s come around now, but i wonder how many people in the community are like he was, still getting their news from the abc & trusting it as if it had never been hollowed out. this is another side of howard’s insidious undermining of the national broadcaster. we’re ok – we understand what’s happening & are angry about it. and my mate’s ok, now, too. but many trusting people nowadays get the murdoch world view with an abc “imprimatur” (don’t like me using that word pell? take a jump). its insidious & leaves me worried whether the abc can ever be recovered from this debauching.

    i’ll add more metaphor to an already well stocked pot by observing that the murdoch abc reminds me of a german “false flag” commerce raider in the world wars – those that would haul up a nicaraguan (or other neutral flag) & close range on their unsuspecting merchant marine prey, before revealing their true colors & true intentions, too late, of course, for the victim/target.

    yours sincerely
    alfred venison

  2. Graduate Student in Economics :@Freelander Mr/Miss Freelander:What do you mean when you say “Ignoring the content of this review, which after all has been well and truly dealt with already, maybe it is worth commenting on the essay’s style?” This reads like a cheap high school debating tactic to ignore the substance of the matter. It sounds to me like you are Quiggin groupie. Fine, some people adore Lindsey Lohan. Just don’t tell me that she doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, and is really smart. And, don’t tell me that Professor Quiggin knows finance or macroeconomics. He doesn’t. What your definition of animus: “Things that disagree with my notion of how the world works.”

    after all these years JQ,you’ve hit the big time.

    you’ve aquired a groupie.

    you’re in man,no sweat.

  3. Poor Graduate Student in Economics

    Gee, I thought the content had been well and truly trashed already quite comprehensively. I didn’t detect anything new? Maybe I’m wrong?

    I was simply trying to be helpful to the reviewer. All my noble and selfless deeds constantly misinterpreted. One more (helpful) point I should have added on that review. These types of reviews work best when the animus and vitriol are far better disguised. When the malicious intent is so transparent, the writing suffers and bears the marks of a lack of control. Difficult to write well and be entertaining when not in control of one’s emotions. No wonder they consoled him with what the told him was an economics degree when they decided he’d outstayed his welcome at clown college.

  4. Guess who the irrespressible Geraldine Doogue chose to quote on the subject of the UK riots? Who else but Anthony Daniels, aka ‘Theodore Dalrymple’ of course. Once the Right decides to push you, you pop up everywhere in the apparat-the Noel Pearson effect. La Doogue described Daniels’ article in ‘The Fundament’ (The Fundamental Orifice of the Nation’) as ‘splenetic’, true enough, up to a point. How long before Mr Daniels graces Saturday Extra in person, for a ‘grilling’ by Geraldine, the intellectual equivalent of being savaged by a dead sheep.

  5. I hadn’t heard of the fellow before. Listening to him I wondered whether he was playing a caricature of a right-wing looney. The upper middle class affect and thinly disguised bigotry made me think he was some kind of English version of Stephen Colbert.

  6. Naughty, naughty: It appears that “Mr MIT”, “Kyle Lee” and “Graduate Student in Economics” are all the same person. The first two share an IP address and GSE’s review from econjobrumors was posted on Amazon by Mr MIT. And, sad to say, none of them post from an MIT IP address.

    The rules on this kind of sockpuppetry are clear. You’re banned immediately and permanently. Count yourself lucky I don’t complain to your university.

  7. dear John Quiggin
    what a great catch!! and tracking ’em down to the amazon reviews, too. bravo!
    thank goodness alfred venison is a “persona” & not a sock puppet.
    yours sincerely
    alfred venison

  8. John Quiggin :
    Naughty, naughty: It appears that “Mr MIT”, “Kyle Lee” and “Graduate Student in Economics” are all the same person…
    The rules on this kind of sockpuppetry are clear. You’re banned immediately and permanently…

    Oh, damn, and he was giving us so many laughs!

    I particularly liked, in his review. “Me do big complicated maths… (dynamic programming, numerical analysis, stochastic processes)” [Oooo… Natives tremble in face of white man’s dark magic.] and the implicit “Einstein is an idiot, not worth quoting, who didn’t like quantum theory because he couldn’t do big maths like what I can”.

  9. I had a good laugh when a read the snark on “the considered economic theoretician tips over into Green Left Weekly polemics”. When an “activist newspaper” like The Australian criticises someone by comparing them to another “activist newspaper”, its a bit of a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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