Just when you think the Oz couldn’t get any lamer

Top billing on their web front page goes to this piece saying that the police haven’t (yet) found evidence that News of the World hacked the phones o 9/11 victims in the US, as they did with British victims of the 7/7 attacks, and their families. This banner treatment of a non-story contrasts strikingly with the sotto voce news coverage of yet another arrest in the case a couple of days ago.

14 thoughts on “Just when you think the Oz couldn’t get any lamer

  1. Meanwhile, on page 3 of the weekend lavatory special, there is an inconspicuous apology to Professor Tim Flannery, for some kind of misrepresentation of his statements. Why Tim gets an apology amongst legions of other worthy recipients of an apology, I do not know. Maybe he threatened legal action?

  2. News! News! Read all about it!

    There is a crime News Corpse has not been found guilty of!!!

    In further news, page 3, under the Rupert centerfold, News Corpse apologizes for misrepresenting someone’s statements!

  3. If page 3 is the Rupert centrefold, then the Oz will have become a 4 page newspaper. Let us hope that happens very soon. The next step will be when the paper disappears like the Oozlum Bird!

  4. “Just when you think the Oz couldn’t get any lamer”

    My faith in the Murdoch press’s biased and manipulative ways has always remained unwavering!

    If anything, I know they can (and eventually will) do better.

    So, sorry, I ain’t surprised.

  5. Dear John,

    In the ‘raincloud of knowable issues’ surely Murdochcracy and the lame brained Oz are of little urgency? Am looking forward to getting back to something that matters!

    For example teenagers have lost 65.5 thousand full-time jobs, 5.9 thousand part-time jobs totaling 71.4 thousand jobs overall in the period Feb 2008 ~ July 2011 Australian labour market – sliding backwards

    I wish there were heroes in the legal profession to take on the government re their abdication of the RBA Charter for full employment:

    ‘It is the duty of the Reserve Bank Board, within the limits of its powers, to ensure that the monetary and banking policy of the Bank is directed to the greatest advantage of the people of Australia and that the powers of the Bank … are exercised in such a manner as, in the opinion of the Reserve Bank Board, will best contribute to:
    a. the stability of the currency of Australia;
    b. the maintenance of full employment in Australia; and
    c. the economic prosperity and welfare of the people of Australia.’

    Full employment used to mean 2% until they snuck in the mean-spirited, erroneous and unsubstantiated logic of the NAIRU (see The dreaded NAIRU is still about! linked within Bill Mitchell’s blog above).

    Cheers …

  6. Did any body bother to read it? I couldn’t even be bothered trying to find out just how lame it was.

  7. dear john quiggen
    thanks for the précis – saves me having to read that newspaper or click on its site. and thanks for the others before, too. and for those still to come (sadly) no doubt.

    actually, this sort of “news coverage” from that newspaper doesn’t surprise me at all – however low that newspaper sinks, i’ve seen no reason to not presume it can always sink lower. this, in my opinion, is because that newspaper is not a real newspaper – disguised as a newspaper, its an organ of distraction, obfuscation & intimidation used by murdoch in his unrelenting war against advocates/proponents of a politics of reason & co-operation in the face of existential threat.

    i despise that newspaper and i’m glad i haven’t bought one for a decade & a half or longer & have taken it off my browser short-cuts earlier this year.

    thanks again for the précis.
    yours sincerely
    alfred venison

  8. If Flannery was threatening legal action over what was, I believe, a typically despicable slander, then I will be truly annoyed with him if he has settled for a mere apology. Every possible avenue of action to bring down what is, in my opinion, an Evil Empire of hatemongering, lying and ruthless indoctrination into the Right’s religion of greedy individualism and contempt for others ought, I believe, to be pursued to the end. A more newsworthy article would be one that followed News Corpse’s legal travails in the US in regard to its computer hacking of rivals, one case of which cost News Corpse five hundred or so million. We have just, I would say, scratched the surface of News Corpse malevolence so far, but I doubt that the establishment, the ruling parasite elites, will allow an indoctrinator as determined and as class loyal as Murdoch to go down. Or they may simply have a ‘new Murdoch’ waiting somewhere, in which case Rupert may be thrown to the wolves.

  9. LoL! MMT breaching the NYT (and mainstream media phantasy wall):

    William Black turns up the strawman and Krugman’s ‘victim card’ flat on the table: Anti “MMT Types” Memes Migrate to Stage II

    Randy Wray launders (‘harasses’) Krugman but still there is a faint smell …: Krugman Taken to the Modern Money Cleaners

    Am not a religious person but I do appreciate the story of Goliath struck in the forehead with a teeny little rock …. (doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate Paul’s progressive aspirations).

    Chuckle, chuckle …

  10. A guest slimer in ‘The Fundament’ today, Grahame Young, at the nether end of a diatribe that could have been writ by any of the in-house fulminators, seems, to my mind at least, to libel John Quiggin for interfering with Wikipedia to falsely imply that ‘opponents’ are tobacco lobbyists. There is certainly something truly vile and deeply sinister in how this media cancer goes after its victims. The stories of News Corpse viciousness and vindictiveness, worldwide, are legion, but I see that, after her cozy little dinner with the News Corpse undead, Gillard now sees that News Corpse is innocent of hacking here. On what evidence but the ‘word’ of News Corpse, we’ll never know, because, as ever, raw power appears to have prevailed in our morally corrupt and moribund society.

  11. Oh, ‘The Australian’. I just read the Graham Young opinion piece and its unintended irony.

    Using the Murdoch media which has the objective of crowding out freedom of speech for the purpose of subverting democracy, he makes the case for dissent. But only for people who agree with him. And freedom of speech is only for them. When they talk nonsense and are repeatedly shown to be liars and worse, no harsh words should be used against them. No freedom of speech for their opponents who mustn’t call them such terrible things as ‘deniers’. And all delivered from a pulpit, ‘The Australian’ that trucks no dissent. We all know how quickly anyone in the Rupert empire lasts if they deviate from the Murdoch party line.

    Like many of the ‘opinion’ pieces published in the Oz, (unintentionally) a very funny read indeed.

  12. Freelander, ‘The Fundament’ (The Fundamental Orifice of the Nation’) is my pet name for ‘The Australian’. A lame attempt at humour perhaps, but I like it. It, I think, implies that the product extruded by ‘The Fundament’ is, literally and metaphorically, crap.

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