Oz meltdown continues

After Michael Stutchbury’s full-length hit piece, and at least two Cut&Paste snark items in the last week, I would have thought the Oz would have had enough of sliming me for a while. But no, it’s back with yet more.

This time, it has delved into the primordial and come up with Graham Young, last seen scoring a double Godwin with pike, making both Nazi and Communist analogies in a single post.Young pushes the now-standard Oz “help, I’m being oppressed line”, naming me and Clive Hamilton as the enforcers of orthodoxy.

I’m starting feel guilty turning the full power of my blog against a mere national newspaper, backed only by a multi-billion dollar corporation. I’ll talk it over with Clive at the next meeting of the central committee.

42 thoughts on “Oz meltdown continues

  1. The Guardian has a handy ‘hacking’ live thread.

    They also have a fascinating timeline showing the series of News lies about ‘the one bad apple’ defence they were running. Bear in mind that Clive Goodman’s letter says hacking was discussed at editorial level including Coulson. What did News do? They ‘slimed’ the Guardian’s reporting.

    This is from 2009 in the time-line:

    ‘News International statement after publication of first Guardian hacking story by Nick Davies: “All of these irresponsible and unsubstantiated allegations against News of the World and other News International titles and its journalists are false.”

    Letter from Rebekah Brooks, then editor of the Sun, to John Whittingdale, chairman of the culture and media committee, in response to Guardian allegations: “The Guardian coverage has, we believe, substantially and likely deliberately misled the British public.”

    Andy Coulson, former editor of the News of the World, to the culture and media committee: “I have never condoned the use of phone hacking and nor do I have any recollection of incidences where phone hacking took place … I took full responsibility at the time for what happened but without my knowledge and resigned.”‘

  2. Fran, beautifully put, well done. Well said PB – I considered contributing to OO in its early days, thinking it was a middle of the road site, then quickly refused when I saw their first denialism given credibility. Donald – the IPA is gaining enormous influence in the public conversation, following the lead of its clones in the US. This is not a positive development for Australian democracy.

  3. @David Horton

    the IPA is gaining enormous influence in the public conversation, following the lead of its clones in the US.

    It’s being enabled in this by the ABC as much as anyone, with its tendency to use IPA spokespeople as convenient filler for its growing stable of ‘political’ talk shows.

  4. @David Horton

    The IPA are probably a very cheap way of filling the pages of the Australian. Doesn’t hurt either that their prejudices seem to resemble the proprietor’s. More disturbing is that they have increasingly become the staple diet of the ABC and, to not quite as bad an extent, SBS.

  5. The Oz and IPA are natural bedfellows, and good luck to them. Their domination of The Drum contributions, and increasingly on ABC TV, is very disturbing. Imagine if that much time and space was given to The Australia Institute, or, a more accurate equivalent (in terms of both numerical importance and position at each end of political spectrum) on the Left, the “Socialist Alliance”?@Freelander

  6. HT Pure Poison:

    The Australian, where too much information is never enough

    Readers might remember back in April, when The Australian was whinging about government departments releasing too much information.

    Well, now that it’s the IPA’s voluminous demands for information, they’re suddenly big fans of it:

    Transparency is about putting as much information in the public domain as possible, not about limiting the flow. The WikiLeaks exercise shows that volume alone does not make a free and open society. But it demonstrated citizens can never have too much information about the operations of governments.To suggest otherwise abrogates the compact between the state and the people.

    Yeah, take that, The Australian in April.

  7. David Horton, the total dominance of the ABC by the IPA and News Corpse droogs (and let us not forget the Centre for Pre-Determined Research or CIS for short)doesn’t stop Albrechtsen screeching abuse at the ‘Leftwing’ ABC, as she does, yet again, today. Leaving aside the propriety or not of an ABC Board member launching such abuse (and it was, as ever, abuse) at the organisation, the sheer delusionary quality of it all is, in my opinion, pathological. Anyone who can accuse the current ABC of being ‘Leftwing’ in any sense of the word, meaningful or not, has, in my opinion, lost touch with reality. And the undisguised totalitarianism of demanding that the ABC mimic the Rightwing diatribes (in regard to the riots in the UK)that filled the pages of ‘The Fundament’ is breathtaking in its arrogant audacity and its absolute insistence on ideological conformity across all the media. And these on the Right are the blowhards who claim to believe in ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’. Sadly, as ever, this is the Right’s ‘negative liberty’, the liberty to do as you are told by your betters who themselves retain the liberty to totally dominate society and shape it to fit their psychopathology.

  8. Mulga Mumblebrain :
    … Albrechtsen (and let us not forget the Centre for Pre-Determined Research or CIS for short) screeching abuse at the ‘Leftwing’ ABC, as she does, …

    Albrechtsen’s screeching at the ‘Leftwing’ ABC is probably explained by the same process that caused Pavlov’s dogs to salivate. Old habits die hard. Similiarly for the battery hens clucking away at the CIS and the IPA. If they were monkeys at least their activities would have the potential of a useful output. Left long enough we might get the complete works of Shakespeare, and maybe a few extra plays, that he could have written, if he had lived longer.

  9. @David Horton

    Yes. Drawing an equivalence to “Socialist Alliance” is getting it just about right. Painting the IPA (or CIS) as ‘center right’, and therefore worthy of a free soapbox, is laughable. Although, unfortunately, the centre increasingly is developing pockets of craziness.

  10. ‘The Fundament’ had an ‘article’ by the (in my opinion at least) repellent Gary Johns yesterday, concerning the ‘Motorised March of the Morons’, the wannabe Tea Party Mad Hatters approaching Canberra from all directions. Johns had plainly, titled the diatribe, ‘Convoy the Work of Revolting People’, but the News Corpse subs got it mixed up, and it was printed as ‘Convoy the Revolt of Working People’. Standards are slipping!

  11. I see that ‘The Fundament’ has another Howardite ABC Board saboteur, Judith Sloan, slagging the ABC off for its non-existent ‘Leftism’ Followed by the usual suspects, including uber-denialists Marc Hendrickx and Art Raiche, in their bathetic ‘Letters’ page. It seems that ‘The Fundament’ has about thirty pet letter writers who have the Right approach . The hate campaign against the ABC is approaching the intensity of ‘The Fundament’s’ trade-mark deranged hysteria, as are numerous other carefully fomented and cultivated outbursts of mass lunacy by the Dunning-Kruger-Joyce mob. This country is being deliberately driven towards a social divisiveness the likes of which we have never seen, by a Right that, seeing its world project crumbling before their eyes, is acting more and more like a rabid dog in the last throes of hydrophobia.

  12. Well known comedian, Judy Sloan, has followed the ‘rave’ reviews of her hold over performances at the “Productivity Commission, by penciling a riotously funny piece for The Australian. With deadpan humour, which she is increasingly become renowned for, and the playful title “Their ABC is just ungovernable”, Judy floats the thesis of a left-wing ABC that is completely independent of its John Howard stacked board. LoL.


    Elliot Goblet and Henry Ergas are gone; Australia welcomes a new comedy artiste, Judy Sloan, new icon of straight-faced absurdist humour!

    Let’s hope Judy continues to entertain the masses for my years to come with her Right-wing ninny “its far to good for them” persona. (Judy can be seen at the IPA, CIS and other good standup comedy venues throughout Australia.)

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