Occupied interview

A week or so ago I did an interview by Skype videolink with Taryn Hart of Occupied Media, talking about the issues raised by Occupy Wall Street. It’s now available online. I never watch myself on video, but I did listen to the whole thing and, allowing for a fair number of ums, ahs, and circumlocutions, I think the questions gave me the chance to state my ideas, and in some cases to work out on the spot what I thought about various issues.

28 thoughts on “Occupied interview

  1. @may

    Business should have no voice. Businesses should not be able to spend money on political activities and claim the money as an expense. They ought not to be able to spend money on political activity at all. This is especially true of companies with diverse shareholding because when they spend money on political activity it is shareholder money anyway and they spend the money without the unanimous approval of shareholders. Let the money go to the shareholders in dividends and then those shareholders can spend it as they like.

    Individuals, who may own shares or may own businesses can spend money out of their own pockets, but business themselves should not be given the privileges of individual citizens. Business should have no ‘interests’. Only individuals have ‘interests’. And individuals who own businesses or shares can pursue their ‘interests’ and spend their money subject to the same restriction that everyone is under.

    I agree with your comment re:Qantas management. Seems they are just as good as Telstra’s management at destroying shareholder value. I am expecting one of these regular ‘faults’ to result in a tragedy. These frequent faults are perfectly consistent with extreme cost-cutting.

  2. Freelander, you are proposing ideas for regulations which would make an important aspect of the philosophy of a ‘market economy’ more compatible with democracy.

  3. i think it was a good interview john, i liked the informal feel of the whole thing as well,

    it struck me afterwards that for people of some loose democratic left, the kind of interviews people do at this stage really matter,
    as far as i can see, the left needs to stop worrying about and engaging with the bogeymen and the corporations of the right
    for the last 40-odd years, the warnings that have come from those loosely on the left, about;
    the corporatisation of the world and its cultures, increased surveillance and the militarisation of western governments, erosion of fundamental law and justice, overly-powerful banks and Inter-Governmental organisations like the IMF and the BIS, have all been proven correct.
    The greens warnings about the fragility of the environment were correct.

    Spokespeople and apologists for the ‘free-market’ right were wrong.

    They are discredited, and so organisers and spokespeople for the re-emerging left like yourself John, shouldnt be engaging with and worrying about the right and its institutions anymore i think.

    i humbly suggest that all organisers and spokespeople ofthe left should simply stop doing mainstream/corporate engagement of any kind. Dont go on Tv, dont write op-eds for right right wing rags. The medium is indeed the message. Dont be part of thier message.
    Pursue the great new indi opportunities and encourage everyone to seek out their news and info in non-stream ways.

    sorry for the rant, it just suddenly struck me as i was eating my breakfast and like the quintessential modern stooge i am i just had to share it on a techno-cultural level

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