9 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. China Wins New Friends

    Aggressive US foreign policies are now driving away former allies as they move closer and closer to China. This will leave Australia in an increasingly weak and vulnerable position if we continue to submit to US demands.

    “Pressure on Japan and South Korea to sacrifice vital oil supplies from Iran to meet United States policy interests is driving the US allies further towards China. Tokyo faces aversion to nuclear power and political rumblings over kow-towing to Washington. Meanwhile, Seoul – perhaps believing the US campaign will create larger security problems – will reject assertions that punishing Tehran impacts on North Korea.”

    “As they wake up to bypassing the US dollar as an intermediary in their oil trade with Asia, Gulf leaders know that in a volatile world the “people’s currency” smells as comforting as a cup of fresh Arabica.”


  2. Has any economist added-up all the stimulus that has been pumped into the capitalist system? Has anyone?

    Has it reached 100 trillion?

    Maybe they are just too embarrassed, or wary, because once they admit the quantum, they then have to explain it – which they cannot do.

    Blame Keynes (and Samuelson etc), who said it would never happen.

  3. 100 trillion? How wrong can one be – it was over 100 trillion in 2009!

    see: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financetopics/davos/8267768/World-needs-100-trillion-more-credit-says-World-Economic-Forum.html

    3 years later can easily see this near the 200 trillion, particularly as our clever WEF capitalists declare an interest in doubling the debt, asserting:

    “Yet, credit is the lifeblood of the economy, and much more of it will be needed to sustain the recovery and enable the developing world to achieve its growth potential.”

    Keynesian Kaos of the first order.

  4. All a-storm-in-a-teacup Chris…

    …the latest offerings from our resident Assclown on last night’s “The Drum” reassures us in the most dogmatic of baseless opinionated dribble that expansionary austerity is how you revive economies and super hardline rationalism is the way forward. I encourage different opinions from our public broadcaster, but please, spare us the nonsense.

  5. lol @Mark Laughing at your own jokes is gauche. Laughing at your sockpuppet’s jokes is just pathetic – JQ

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