Not with a bang, but a whimper

Gillard’s abandonment of pokies reform means, as far as I can see, that she has reached the end of the set of reforms she promised as the price of independent support after the 2010 election. Most of the agenda she inherited from Rudd has similarly been either implement, or put on the road to implementation, (typically in a watered-down form) or else abandoned. A visit to the ALP website seems to me to confirm this impression. There are plenty of glossy pictures, but the ideas seem mostly to be taken from Rudd, though drastically watered down in most cases, for example, “School Reform” in place of “Education Revolution”. The only thing that sounds more like Gillard than Rudd is “Trade Cadetships” which reads like a rebadging of Howard’s “New Apprenticeships”.

Can anyone point to any genuinely new initiatives taken by this government (that is, not forced on it, or inherited)? It would be nice to think that there is something more on offer than “Not Abbott”.

55 thoughts on “Not with a bang, but a whimper

  1. Hence my point about 20:20 hindsight. If the program rolled out again tomorrow, I would imagine/hope it would be done a fraction better, and again the next time, and so on.

  2. The BER is a great success as it provided facilities in schools which can make a huge difference to education and what is possible for teachers to achieve. This aspect has been completely undersold – however it was devised under Rudd and was more about keepng people in work. The legacy under Gillard has been uninspiring and this thread shows how true Prof Q’s contention is that Gillard lacks a coherenct vision. The big mistake that Rudd made and following on from that Gillard was to miss the opportunity to reshape the public service to better reflect the community it serves. By handing out billions of dollars for the states to spend, the Federal Government lost control and the kudos.

    Even the changes to the Health system were planned under Rudd. My prediction is that Gillard will be gone by mid year unless she can do more than shore up shaky positions which please corporations but not citizens. People who supported her are losing patience and certainly have no belief in her as the lead citizen of the nation. She hasn’t grown into the job as we could have expected.

  3. Let us not forget the Murray-Darling Basin Plan which has been watered down (sorry) to the point of uselessness according to the Wentworth Group:

    This good work has not been capitalised on by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to develop a comprehensive and transparent Draft Basin Plan. Instead the Murray-Darling Basin Authority ignores much of the good work and has instead produced a draft Plan that manipulates science in an attempt to engineer a pre-determined political outcome.

    We have a prime minister whose sole idea of governance is ‘Don’t frighten the horses’.

  4. Gillard got it through? Like pokies reform? Like the basin plan? And Gillard does not have to deal with a deputy prime minister who opposes anything that moves.

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