Fortunate in my enemies

That’s how Robert Vienneau described me after some of my stoushes last year.

It seems as if my luck is holding in that respect at any rate. While I’ve had plenty of supportive responses after being booted from the Fin, I’m sure not everyone is sorry to see me go. Most of those in the latter class, however, haven’t seen any need to gloat.

I would have been disappointed, however, if Andrew Bolt had not lived down to his usual form on this occasion. Sure enough, as his fans have advised me both by email and in comments here, he’s written a gloating column, expressing the hope that Laura Tingle (a far better journalist than Bolt could ever be, even if he was trying) will be next to go.

Bolt can’t even manage an original line of attack, dragging out the tired misrepresentation of a 2007 blog post that the Telegraph ran last week.

The great thing about having Bolt as an enemy is that you get his fans thrown in as part of the package. There’s something comforting in knowing that, if someone dislikes you, there’s a high probability that they are the kind of person who comments on Bolt’s blog.

Of course, it isn’t much of a distinction to be one of Bolt’s enemies. With the exception of the late Paddy McGuinness (who at least had some style to combine with the vitriol) I can’t think of anyone who is less discriminating in his hatreds.

218 thoughts on “Fortunate in my enemies

  1. @Troy Prideaux

    Just in Troy … leaving the senate as well to allow “renewal”.

    I know he’d had a long run, but fr mine he was as sharp and on point as he had ever been. He set a standard in reason, ethics and compassion that honoured humanity. He was key to my joining the Greens. He will be missed.

  2. Bob Brown is a remarkable man and an extraordinarily talented politician. His absence from Parliament will noticeably diminish its quality, in my opinion. I agree with you Fran, that his departure will be a big challenge for Christine Milne and the Greens.

  3. Sadly Brown’s retirement is likely to trigger an attempt by red entrists to try to gain control of the party. The Greens need to be a social democratic party with a strong ecological focus if it is to remain relevant. If polished turds like Red Rhiannon gain control, the party will disintegrate. I’ve rejoined the party today so that I may do my little bit to make sure the Reds are either kept in line or better still, purged from the party.

  4. @Mel of the McCarthyite right said:

    I’ve rejoined the party today so that I may do my little bit to make sure the Reds are either kept in line or better still, purged from the party.

    So yesterday you might join if Aunty Lee was dumped, and today you’ve rejoined because she hasn’t been … how laughable …

    The quickest way to ruin a party is to have a witchhunt. No party who has done this has emerged the better for it. It’s your kind that are the threat to the integrity of our party.

  5. So Bob has jumped like a rat from a sinking ship.In the light of the earth’s ongoing non cooperation policy with the catastrophists,raving loonys and eco extremists,with green waste being ripped out at a rate of knots worldwide,just when you needed him most,he’s gone.Unlike you poor sheep, Bob knows what side his bread is buttered on.Go down with the ship? not likely.

  6. Guys, don’t feed the troll. You all know there’s no point. JB Goode isn’t here to be constructive; just ignore him.

  7. @JB Goode

    It’s totally understandable that someone of your ilk would be unable to recognise the integrity embodied in a leader like Bob Brown. It’s such a alien virtue in the world of denialism where blather and swagger are extolled at the expense of ethics.

  8. @Wooster
    How ethical is it for you earthians to look upon humanity as a sickness that mother earth needs to rid itself of? forget about ethics,that’s just crass stupidity.
    Anyway by the tone of some of your comments it’s obviously a bad day for even the strongest and stout hearted of eco warriors,I do sympathise,but despair ye not fellow earthians you are not extincted yet. Adam Bandt is on his way!HAhahahahahahah!

  9. @JB Goode

    I’m not sure I’m addressing a grown-up here, but I’ll plug on regardless. (Why do denialists thinks it’s clever to write “hahahahahaha” at the end of their posts?)

    Noam Chomsky, in his book titled “Hegemony or Survival” related the views of biologist, Ernst Mayr, on the subject of species survival and whether it was better to smart or stupid.

    “Mayr speculated that the human form of intellectual organisation may not be favoured by selection. The history of life on earth refutes the claim that “it is better to be smart than sturpid,” at least judging from the biological success of beetles and bacteria…..We are entering a period of human history that may provide an answer to the question of whether it is better to be smart than stupid. The most hopeful prospect is that the question will not be answered: if it receives a definite answer, that answer can only be that humans were a kind of “biological error,” using their allotted 100,000 years to destroy themselves and, in the process, much else.
    The species has surely developed the capacity to do just that, and a hypothetical extraterrestrial observer might well conclude that humans have demonstrated that capacity throughout their history, dramatically in the past few hundred years, with an assault on the environment that sustains life, on the diversity of more complex organisms, and with a cold and calculated savagery, on each other as well.”

  10. so WMD-believing Mel, the Iraq-War Moran, has “rejoined” the Greens! whichever branch it is, I hope you get the welcome you deserve

  11. Watching the interview between Sen Brown and Heather Ewart, there were moments when I wanted to slap Ewart.
    The betrayal of broadsheet ethics at ABC has been part of of the tilt that has crippled rational politics in this country, but if Ewart is the paradigm, all that remains with MSM “journalism” is obduracy.
    As for Brown, he wants to smell the bottle-brush; wants to see what’s left of Australia before the vandals finish off the last few pockets. Who can blame him. Its been a marathon slog for him and this years politics must have been as soul destroying for him as anybody.
    Christine Milne is a mature politician now, if now is not her time, that time will never come.
    But Bob was being ironic, surely, when he described the state of Australian democracy as “healthy”.

  12. David Suzuki wrote in his book “Earth Time’ that Bob Brown was one of his eco-heroes.

    He followed that statement by publishing extracts of a letter Brown had written while in Risdon Prison, having been arrested protesting the destruction of the Tarkine. As follows….

    “As the police vans carried us back to jail, a wedgetailed eagle stood on the buttongrass, sentinel to the Tarkine’s tragic plight. She did not ruffle a feather or show the slightest fear, her head turning almost imperceptibly as she watched our noisy exit from the wild land of tireless tranquility.
    Jail is an inside-out wilderness. It awaits those who want to peacefully protest against bulldozers but cannot gazette proclamations…While the wilderness speaks of freedom and identity, Risdon’s barbed wire, guard towers and cement walls shout about subjugation and the irrelevance of the individual.
    I heard the call ‘Good on yer, Bob. Save the forests!’ bellowed from a cellblock across the compound…And the next morning, a big, cheery man….stuck his hand through the grill and shouted “Come over and shake my hand, Bob.’ I knew the spirit of the wilderness had no trouble permeating Risdon’s walls.
    I am moving well passed the equator of my migration between the poles of the cradle and grave. As I move on, the sense of timelessness grows….I enjoyed the features of jail which do match wilderness – no phones, no traffic, no shopping and the early-to-bed, early-to-rise routine. As I paced my cell at night, my mind hyperactive and out divining what makes the world tick, the irony of jailing greens became clear. We are being locked up because wilderness is an affront to materialism, as the Earth is turned into a wildernessless prison.
    The goal, the ‘best outcome,’ is the greatest conversion of the world to human productivity, where every acre is targeted for human consumption and accounted for in the warehouses lining the information superhighway. Beyond this goal, materialism dreams of virtual reality….replacing the wild Earth which for so long held us in its grasp….Environmentalists are locked up so that the Earth may be concreted. One by one, bit by bit, the faster the better.I don’t want Shakespeare’s line to become ‘All the world’s a concrete cell with all the men and women playing virtual reality.” I don’t want this planet’s remarkable diversity fading out of memory and grasp for future generations.
    Governments may sit on their hands or pass proclamations. Journalists may report life as the interplay of economic rationalists. Others may simply not care. but Risdon made me more defiant; I saw the eagle’s eye. I want the Tarkine wild and free…”

  13. @Mel
    “Back in the good ol’days …” yes well perhaps you need to take a look around every now and then, move out of home, get a partner or at least a pet. Things change you now. Apoplexy is a cesspit and SL has the embarrassment of notoriously bad legal commenting to deal with. Come on Mel, get out and smell the roses, it’s a lot better than the smell your getting, what with your head in such close proximity to your arse.

  14. Paul Walter
    you’re too right! a statesman interviewed by an idiot. god, i really despise the abc sometimes.

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