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  1. @Katz

    The existence of Christians among the populations of the middle east has forever been marginalised in the dominant narrative. It suits the purposes of both Israel and the Islamists for them to be persecuted away from the glare of publicity. Only in Lebanon, where they participate in government and fought a civil war, is the plight of Christians the subject of much official and media interest. In both Iraq and Palestine, Christian and other religious minorities have been disproportionately represented among refugees and emigres.

    By contrast, the existence of Christians in Sudan is emphasised in efforts to garner support for the continuing series of wars to partition the country, overthrow its governing regime and get down to the serious business of oil exploration.

    Back OT, I must confess to being gobsmacked by the assertion that ‘Christians and conservatives … led the way in defending free speech and rights’. It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.

  2. @Hal9000

    Yes, wasn’t it the Christian militia who destroyed Beirut and perpetrated the Sabra and Shatila massacres. Only Christians are bombing abortion clinics in the US. Ireland was totally destroyed by Christian factions. It was the Christian Masonic Lodges that appear to have driven the terrorism in Italy particularly the 1980 bombing of Bologna railway station.

    Christians have been the most blood thirsty, rapacious and self-deluded of all religions as exemplified in the Inquisition, and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. Today’s Moslem terrorism is just a type of Christianity with different labels.

  3. Ms Hirsi Ali has had a tough life. Sadly she seems somewhat of a libertarian bigot. She is a fan of Haywire and the American Heritage outfit is currently buttering her bread.She will be quickly out on her ear from that’s outfit if she moderates her views.

  4. Half-remembered guilt at the appalling treatment of eastern Christians by the crusaders probably lies somewhere down in the background to accepted wisdom in the Clash of Civilisations narrative. The Muslim hordes had to be portrayed as bestial slayers of babies and defilers of churches, while the massacres by crusader forces of eastern Christians along the Turkish coast and in Palestine were inconvenient to the ‘saviours of Christianity’ slogan. More recently, it suited the US for the Iraqi Shiites to be supported in the post-invasion civil war, and so the Assyrians and other ancient Christian minority sects were forgotten, and their fate sealed.

  5. christian masonic lodges? you mean like black chapters of the kkk? or jewish afflilates of aryan nations? i think you mean “neo-fascist” or “radical right-wing” masonic lodges. the christian democrats were heading the government at that time. also, have you forgotten the “red brigades”?
    alfred venison

  6. Isn’t the support for Israel by many in the Christian Right Moral Majority because they believe some bible based prediction that the return of the Jews will result in some sort of Armageddon and the second coming of Christ?

    The greater the suffering, strife and conflict in the middle east, presumably, the happier these Christians must be? A nuclear conflict there will simply be “Mission Accomplished!”

  7. @Freelander
    ‘Isn’t the support for Israel by many in the Christian Right Moral Majority because they believe some bible based prediction that the return of the Jews will result in some sort of Armageddon and the second coming of Christ?’
    No it isn’t.It’s because Israel is something that is hated and feared by all fringe dwellers,
    a democracy!

  8. Joey. Yes. Israel is a democracy, the same way that white south africa was a democracy. But you are somewhat more ignorant than I thought if you are not aware of the prophesy based support of many in the Christian Right Moral Majority for Israel. Not out of any love of its inhabitants.

  9. I don’t need to be aware of anything except your mindless hate speech.”The greater the suffering and strife the happier these Christians must be”.Is that what you really think? And I am somewhat ignorant?

  10. Joey, as the greater strife means to them that we are closer to the prophesy being fulfilled and as that’s what they want of course they are happier. So you are not only ignorant but none too bright if you can’t follow that one.

    Quick Joey! Back in the pouch! I see a dingo coming.

  11. By the way Joey, when adults use quotation marks, the text in between is supposed to be an actual quotation.

  12. What am I on about now?It just struck me on reading your demonising of christians that religious bigotry usually goes hand in hand with racial bigotry.
    By the way have you seen the exiting new greens lineup,Motly Crue watch out!

  13. Yes Joey. You’re right. Religion does often go hand in hand with racial bigotry. But I suffer neither defect. Now give your mother a chance, back in the pouch, and get some sleep!

  14. ‘The greater the suffering, strife and conflict in the middle east, presumably, the happier these Christians must be?’
    Sorry sir my mistake in believing my lying eyes,anyway it’s been such a pleasure to engage with my first caring,intelligent ‘thinking’ person.We could have done with you in the Balkans.Say hello to Lee for me(how dare they produce evidence that she is a communist,just how dare they!) and all the very best in your quest for world domination.

  15. Joey, it’s not your lying eyes in this case, given your improved use of quotes, but it’s your lying mind.

    You convince no one but yourself with your distortions.

    But why not give everyone a rest?

  16. the feds have disallowed state legislation like this before in the recent past but but the mood is shifting. i think canadian pm harper’s statement yesterday at the oas meeting that the war on drugs was a failure was a testing of the waters for the yanks.

  17. @JB Goode

    Are you a Zionist?

    Israel was born of Stern Gang terror and maintains itself through persistent terror against original inhabitants. It is a theocratic state that bans political parties opposed to the Jewish nature of the State. No independents are allowed to stand for election.

    Israel secret agents regularly roam the globe sabotaging opponents and assassinating them. Israel threatens its neighbours with covert nuclear weapons. It recently tried to get UN support for a war against Iran.

    Israelis continually and regularly oppress the original owners and violently assault protestors. Members of the youth group Sharek were recently attacked by Israeli military. One Israeli commander was videotaped rifle-butting a demonstrator. He has been nominally suspended as a cosmetic response by the authorities.

    See: http://english.pnn.ps/index.php/politics/1388-high-ranking-israeli-officer-assaults-danish-activist

    Israel is only democratic for Jewish people – the rest receive jack-boots.

  18. if you read david climenhaga at the link & understood him you’d know that he says the charter protects the rights of the 99% better than common law & parliament alone and that its the friends of the 1% who aspire to roll it back or undermine it.

  19. @a.v.

    It’s notable that what the Canadian article describes as the far right’s attitude to the charter of rights is identical with the ALP’s attitude to a charter.

  20. @Alan

    Right wing libertarians infiltrated the labor party a long time ago. The anti-rights is one of their bugbears. The don’t want awful things like ‘human rights’ infringing on the sacredness of property rights and undermining the sanctity of the market economy.

  21. I don’t think it’s just an issue of recent infiltration. The ALP has been slightly tunnel-blind about the supremacy of parliament since its foundation. But certainly neoliberals don’t like human rights.

  22. @Alan

    The infiltration is not at all recent. It began as far back as the seventies and maybe even the sixties. Remember who pushed free trade, dismantled tariffs and turned the Tariff, Board from proTariffs into antiTariffs and then renamed the board Industries Assistance Commission,which became Industry Commission, and then Productivity Commission.

    Similar infiltration across the ditch resulted in Rogernomivdn. Revolution from above. A massive sellout of the working class now almost complete.

    Mission Accomplished!!!

  23. Assessing evidence for a causal link between cannabis and psychosis: A review of cohort studies

    Whilst the criteria for causal association between cannabis and psychosis are supported by the studies reviewed, the contentious issue of whether cannabis use can cause serious psychotic disorders that would not otherwise have occurred cannot be answered from the existing data. Further methodologically robust cohort research is proposed and the implications of how evidence informs policy in the case of uncertainty is discussed.

  24. Blah, blah,blah…

    Now were going to be subjected to a parade of climate change denial selective quoting to do lord boogellie eyes Moncton proud.

    While, I’ll leave you to it Gerard.

  25. By the way, carefully read what I said and ignore what you think I said.I am not going to bother with you seriously if you can’t at least get that right.

  26. it’s a peer-reviewed assessment of the available evidence – I’ve never seen Monckton come out with one of them. what more do you want, smackhead? you don’t accept the Australian government’s own assessment of the evidence either.

  27. You’ve got your own facts. You can’t even read the literature properly and you don’t even understand the concept of an overdose.

  28. Morphine is quite safe. As long as you don’t try to boost the effect with alcohol or as long as you don’t take an overdose.

  29. presumably you think the government’s own National Drug Strategy report can’t read the literature properly either.

    most people would regard the risk of death as having something to do with how dangerous a drug is. thousands of people have died of heroin overdoses – too bad you weren’t present to help them dose safely.

  30. What I’m saying is you can’t read the literature. As for a particular report, haven’t looked at it and won’t bother. But I can say this in relation to government reports generally, many of them are complete garbage, and simply peddle the hobby horse of some well connected clown who gets to sign off on it. If you had worked on a few you would know that.

  31. Radio National has been running a debate on the issue of cannabis use and psychosis. The most recent point of view is from Dr Matthew Large who

    “responds to a critique of his work on pot. Specifically the suggestion that rates of psychosis have gone up because more young folk are indulging. The argument against being that so many, all over the world, are smoking joints, that you’d expect a gigantic surge of psychosis everywhere and, it seems, there isn’t one.”

    Robyn Williams http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/ockhamsrazor/mulling-up-cannabis-and-psychosis/3620244

    Large is quite sure that there is a link and his evidence is fascinating but equally the earlier program by a ‘denier’ is convincing.

    Personally, I am sure there is some sort of link, but it will be ‘multi-factorial’; the effects of pot and any other drug – legal or otherwise – are mediated by individual differences in brain chemistry and also by the way that brain chemistry is modified by environmental experiences.

    The benefits to some of us, from using cannabis, are also undeniable.

  32. And morphine not dangerous unless you are silly. Drug addicts do try to kill themselves and they are quite silly. Not a property of the drug but of the user.

  33. So the ABC gives air time to a contrarian with fringe views.

    There are good studies that have demonstrated that what he is saying is cr*p.

  34. I can say this in relation to government reports generally, many of them are complete garbage, and simply peddle the hobby horse of some well connected clown who gets to sign off on it.

    Now that sounds like something Monckton would say about the IPCC. There’s a conspiracy inside Australia’s National Drug Strategy to downplay the risks of cannabis! The report doesn’t come to the conclusions you want, it is therefore garbage.

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