Guest tweeting at #Lateline

Showing my dedication to moving with the times, I’ll be staying up late to guest-tweet on #lateline tonight. Covering French elections, tobacco packaging and, inevitably, Peter Slipper.

Update Turned out to be a complete bust from my POV. The whole show (except for an out-of-place Foreign Correspondent style piece on asbestos in Swaziland) was spent on gotcha questions about Slipper, with Roxon playing a straight bat. Nothing on any of the topics where I could have made a useful comment. Apparently, this was unusually bad – #lateline is a trending topic on Twitter tonight, and not in a good way.

23 thoughts on “Guest tweeting at #Lateline

  1. dear John Quiggin
    sorry, i got tired & went to bed shortly after it started. what i saw was superficial & when a substantial comment came along you were necessarily too short. and what rog said: the abc is a pale shadow of what it used to be before howard neutered it. normally i don’t bother with it anymore (not even the 7:00 bulleting) and, with respect, last night with new additional twitter won’t bring me back either. the abc has lost me for good, radio too. its just too frustrating to behold.
    yours sincerely
    alfred vension

  2. If people can’t get past the petty, puerile politics of personality and peccadillo then we are pushing the proverbial perpendicularly.

  3. todays fin has a outrage page on slipperys’ taxi costs

    before the lib lashback at a class traitor they seemed to have known all about and protected when he was “one-of-us”.

    there was a breakdown of huckerys’ costs in the same paper the other day.

    i was impressed.

  4. Geez the ABC manages to disappoint me readily these days. I mean I expect it from News Ltd, but the ABC used to be better than that.

  5. Radio National has gone downhill too. A bunch of drive-time pundits offering opinions. It used to be really smart people offering expert analysis.

  6. Geez – has RN gone off too? I had an allergic reaction to Aus politics sometime around the last election and – wonder of wonders – practically ceased watching or listening to radio and telly. I was a fan of the ABC up till then.

    Looks like I made a timely decision.

  7. [Forgive the off-topic rant please, Prof Q.]

    RN has an extra 30 minutes (too many) of Our Fran in the mornings instead of interesting stuff like the Health Report, and then a Drive Time show instead of the interesting stuff they used to have on the way home (although at least PM is still there). It sucks.

  8. People, I understand that the Head of Radio National decided to move all the expert presenters he could move to make way for a number of, IMHO, opinionated youngsters who know how to read tweets and SMSs, presumably as a means of capturing the next generation of listeners. All it seems to have done is to turn off all the older listeners who appreciated the expert commentary offered by the, mostly, older presenters and their well-credentialed visitors. It will be interesting to see what impact this move has on listener numbers.

  9. I only listen to radio through the internet these days. I can choose from stations around the world and listen-on-demand. Can’t speak for RN but JJJ has really kept up with the times and offers great music programs. Then again, I don’t drive to work (or anywhere) so I am not stuck in the car listening to “drive time” shows and counting how many traffic light changes it takes to get through each intersection.

  10. @John Gardner

    I am 29 and have since my late teens liked RN because I learnt stuff listening to it. Not so much now.

    JJJ has even on its own terms been a sellout, an insipid celebration of mediocrity, for about the same length of time and I would sooner listen to nothing (sorry plaasmatron).

  11. The ABC now, no longer, provides an alternative and certainly not a better alternative. Maybe they should just privatise it, but lease out rather than sell the infrastructure.


  12. I used to also subscribe to the idea that Howard neutered the ABC, but now I’m convinced it’s bigger than that.

    In my opinion it has been deliberately destroyed from within. The infestation by News Ltd was part of that deliberate strategy. In my opinion it isn’t so much to do with commercial competition as it is about neutering critical analysis as an alternative to rote repetition of ideological talking points.

    ABC local radio in Brisbane/Gold Coast has been rubbish for some time now (Steve Austin is still good but not as good as he was).

    If the Courier-Mail/Gold Coast Bulletin didn’t show up each day they’d have nothing to broadcast.

  13. Listening and watching it is hard to believe that the ABC is not part of News Ltd. Just as it’s hard to believe that what proved so successful for the company in the UK was not replicated in Australia.

    Listening to the UK inquiry is hearing about the wholesale corrupting of democratic government, Parliament and the organs of administration and law enforcement.

    No wonder we have government that’s “fair and balanced””.

  14. Recall a few months back the Murdoch press contrived the bring back Rudd push. Fair enough, they’re neanderthals. Inexplicably the ABC then chose to run with it for at least a couple of weeks. The recurring headlines were about gathering forces and unnamed power brokers. The only power broker as far as I can see was Rupert to whom the ABC seems to be in thrall.

    Shortly I’m going to tune in deliberately late to the ABC evening news to hopefully avoid the usual paen to the Anzac spirit. Is this going to go on for the next 100 years? Ditto Queen’s new year messages, welcomes to country and Easter messages from various archbishops. It’s mawkish and old hat and time to let a lot of it go.

  15. @BilB
    Yeah, the 1st I heard about this was a visit to (main US yahoo site) where it was the top story 2-3 hours after the announcement. I subsequently promptly searched around some MSM oz news sites and couldn’t find much on it at all. Maybe they were too distracted by the LNP Lilley preselection announcement. One thing you have to agree with Abbott on – Clive certainly is a colorful character 🙂

  16. It got a bit of a run on the ABC the other morning, Troy. Clive isn’t short of hubris.

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