The Antipodean times

This comments thread raises a fun question. If a geomagnetic reversal somehow required the New York Times to be produced in Australia, who would fill the slots of the top reporters and commentators. I’ve started the ball rolling by claiming Krugman’s spot (natch!). But how about Tom Friedman, David Brooks and Maureen Dowd, to name just a few? And there’s no reason to confine yourself to current columnists – do we have a Will Rogers or a Tom Wicker? Feel free to suggest variants.

Just a reminder, this is an occasion for (perhaps mildly malicious) fun, not for defamatory attacks either on NY Times columnists or on their putative counterparts

16 thoughts on “The Antipodean times

  1. Who would be the NY Times equivalent of Ross Gittins or Guy Rundle? Krugman is the only NYTimes writer who I regard as a must read IMHO.

  2. I’d like to suggest Sam Wylie of Core Economics for Tom Friedman.
    I think overall the Australian media has fewer pseudo-centrist-opinionaters than the Americans do, so Brooks and Dowd are hard spots to fill. Maybe Chris Uhlmann or Nikki Savva.
    I reckon Andrew Bolt could fill Ross Douthat’s stocking shoes.

  3. Not that you wouldn’t do a great job, but I think it would be more amusing if the Krugman spot was filled by Steve Keen.

  4. Chris Uhlmann gave up a great career as a breakfast radio announcer for ABC 666 canberra – truly he was good because he knew local politics and did not have any wider media consensus to shape his thinking.

    I would be interested to learn about why he would rate highly as a contributor to political debate in the print media at a national level.

  5. Judy Miller – Greg Sheridan
    Richard Douthat – Gerard Henderson
    Paul Krugman – John Quiggin (I’m sure Dean Parham would agree – LOL)

  6. I think Paul Kelly is the obvious candidate for the Friedman slot. I imagine Kelly would agree, and so would Friedman if his extensive travels had ever taken him this way.

  7. Where would Paul Sheehan fit in? The SMH deems him worthy of 2 columns a week which tells us all we need know about their definition of ‘quality journalism’.

  8. Prof Q, are you suggesting that Friedman is a bloviating windbag? (I really don’t know, I haven’t knowingly read any of his stuff.)

  9. I’d really apreciate it if you could in fact make this change happen, as it would mean that we would also get the BBC team and lose the sad lot that we are stuck with in the ABC.

  10. Thanks for the warning, Dan. I heard a bit about The Lexus and the Olive Tree when it was getting a bunch of critical acclaim, thought “What a wanker,” and moved on.

  11. when was the last time a new mass circulation newspaper opened? do newspapers make a profit any more?

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