HeartKids fundraiser

Just in time for the end of the financial year, another fundraiser! I’m planning to run in the Noosa Triathlon in November. My friend Flavio Menezes and I have set up a charity fundraising team, with the hopeful title “Faster Than Zombies #2”, and you can give money through the Everyday Hero widget on the sidebar. We’re aiming to raise $4000 between us. A few points which I hope will help to get the credit cards out:

* We’ll be supporting HeartKids Queensland which helps children born with heart disease and their families. I know it’s always hard to choose which charities to support, but this one does a lot of good and scores really well on the “warm inner glow” scale

* Last time around, some commenters expressed concern about the cost charged by Everyday Hero. I raised this with HeartKids and got the advice that, for a small charity like theirs, going through Everyday Hero is more cost-effective than handling donations directly

* This blog is free and always will be. The only financial return I ask for is support in efforts like this one.

* For those in paid work, donations are tax deductible. That means you can give more!

I know not everyone can afford to give much to charity, and many of you will have made your own choices already. But for those with a bit of spare cash, here’s a chance to put it to good use.

7 thoughts on “HeartKids fundraiser

  1. Thanks John for supporting HeartKids Qld. My son Benji was born almost 4 years ago with a Congenital Heart Defect. He has had 3 operations and while his heart still works back to front he is doing well. If he had been born 30 years ago he would have had very little chance of survival, HeartKids has given over a million doallars to research CHD which is giving hope for a bright future to my son and the 6 families that will learn thier baby has a heart defect each day. Thanks… and happy training!

  2. Givewell says that because the western healthcare of any kind is so much more expensive, the marginal cost of saving an extra life is an order of magnitude higher than in developing countries. The marginal effect on mortality of extra research money is more comparable, but there would have to be other organisations that gave more of their money to research than Heartkids.

    Why not fund Givewell’s top rated charity, Against Malaria? You get the same warm inner glow from saving children’s lives, and you get to help so many more of them.

  3. @Sam In this case, I’m constrained to the set of charities supported by the Triathlon, which are all local. But feel free to make a donation to Against Malaria and report it here to encourage me.

  4. I’m at the end of a long PhD, and my means are a little limited right now, so I can’t afford to give very much. I’ve just donated $50 to Against Malaria which you can view at http://www.againstmalaria.com/Sponsors.aspx. According to Givewell, I’ve now saved about 1/40 th of an african child’s life, and prevented more than one non-fatal malaria case. Consider it a down-payment on generosity to come once I’m in fulltime employment!

    I hope you can put this in your unofficial donation counter, even if the triathalon won’t consider it. And keep up the good work!

  5. Also, I’ll take this opportunity to again plug my friend’s blog post on this topic http://pappubahry.livejournal.com/575656.html#cutid1. It’s long, but worth the read. He’s a Brisbane man in his mid-20s, who, despite having a professional job in the 70k+ income bracket, lives a Newstart-like lifestyle. He donates all the rest to top-rated global charities.

    In my opinion, he’s like a real-life Mr Spock. He has the warmest, most human heart of anyone I know, but the most terrifyingly cool, analytical mind.

  6. Obviously Sam you don’t have children yourself and not much of a heart either! What possesses someone like you to go telling people that they are better supporting one charity over another. My son has half a heart, he battles everyday to be here, research is what keeps him alive & HeartKids not only support us through this journey but also help fund that research. What an amazing organisation they are and what an awesome person John is to be raising funds for HeartKids – to help them make a difference!
    I agree Malaria is devastating and deserves funding to prevent more fatalities but come & walk a day in my life and see how devastating Childhood Heart Disease is. 6 babies are born everyday in Australia with CHD – many of our kids don’t simply have surgeries and are cured, many battle everyday to have a quality of life that the rest of us take for granted – with research they are improving & saving the lives of these kids everyday – don’t they deserve that chance!@Sam

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