9 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Excellent news for the budget! The High Court has just found the government $220 million per year, the amount that will be saved with the scrapping of the Howard government’s school chaplaincy program, which Labor had continued so cynically. The High Court has just found that, yes, it was unconstitutional. Maybe we will have a budget surplus after all (or preferably $220 million more spent on properly resourced public education.
    [A Queensland man has won his High Court challenge to the Commonwealth’s funding for school chaplaincy programs.

    Toowoomba father Ron Williams argued the program was unconstitutional because it required Commonwealth officers to pass a religious test.]

    Personally, I am pleased. As an atheist I don’t try to force others to give up their beliefs, or make them pay for the promotion of mine. So I don’t see why my taxes should be used to promote the beliefs of theists. If that isn’t what the chaplains are doing, then there is no need to call them chaplains. We can call them counsellors, provided they are qualified as such.

  2. rdb, the really funny thing about privately-owned parking meters is that, when “Red Ken” Livingstone proposed doing this in London (in the 1970s from memory), he was pilloried by the conservatives.

  3. No more school chaplincy? Excellent news! Although I was tempted to apply for a position as a school chaplain and squeeze through the vague language in the act by virtue of being an egotheist.

  4. Amnesty International, Avaaz helping to kill Syrians

    Amnesty International, which covered for NATO’s 2011 invasion of Libya in which at least 30,000 died, and another 50,000 were wounded has also been covering for NATO’s current proxy war against Syria with fabrications and distortions. Amnesty’s lies can easily be seen by comparing their reports with the facts of the Syrian conflict such as which are to be found on alternate news sites such as Global Research, Veterans Today and landdestroyer.com and even a leading German newspaper.

    The embedded Youtube report from the Syrian Girl shows how Amnesty and Avaaz are only demanding that the side to the conflict, which which happens to enjoy the support of the overwhelming majority of Syrians, ceases violence.

  5. There is an interesting discussion underway on age descrimination in employment on Open Forum TVS.
    Well worth viewing and thinking about.

    Professor Bill Mitchell of University of Newcastle presented a well rounded discussant conclusion.

  6. Could you provide a URL for the “Open Forum TVS”?

    A Google search did not give me any useful links.

    I think Professor Bill Mitchell’s Centre of Full Employment and Equity (http://e1.newcastle.edu.au/coffee/ ) is fantastic and should be given a much much higher profile. I would certainly want to look at the forum BilB mentioned.

  7. Biodiversity and the Environment: Silent Spring For Us?

    by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    With her 1962 book, Silent Spring, Rachel Carson got DDT and other synthetic pesticides banned and saved bird life. Today it is humans who are directly threatened by technologies designed to extract the maximum profit at the lowest private cost and the maximum social cost from natural resources.

    Once abundant clean water has become a scarce resource. Yet, in the US ground water and surface water are being polluted and made unusable by mountain top removal mining, fracking and other such “new technologies.” Ranchers in eastern Montana, for example, are being forced out of ranching by polluted water.

    Offshore oil drilling and chemical farming run-off have destroyed fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico. In other parts of the world, explosives used to maximize short-run fish catches have destroyed coral reefs that sustained fish life. …

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