Impressive logic

Watching the 7:30 Report the other night, I saw Bronwyn Bishop (once touted as a possible PM) oppose legislation requiring automatic enrolment of 18-year olds to vote (already in place for state elections in NSW and Victoria). Her argument “it is a binding requirement, under the Electoral Act, for people to enrol themselves”. Umm, yes, and tomorrow, when the new legislation is passed, no such binding requirement will exist.

32 thoughts on “Impressive logic

  1. As I mentioned, it’s not compulsory to cast a valid vote, so I’m not sure why the outrage.

  2. I suppose you have to show that compulsory voting is a democracy enhancing move, however unintentional, in totalitarian countries.

  3. Why should you have to go through the meaningless ritual of enrolling and entering the ballot box simply to satisfy some totalitarian tending nanny state nitwits? Spoilt votes are not recognised as positive choices not to vote and hence direct attacks on a government’s ‘democratic’ credentials. Not voting is the most basic human right.
    Simply tyranny! Simply outrageous!

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