Hacked again

Hello all, your friendly Ozblogistan Tyrant here, abusing my multisite posting powers.

This morning I received two independent reports of trojan warnings being given for two different Ozblogistan websites.

After investigation, I have determined that the server was automatically compromised, presumably by a brand new attack (since we just 2 days ago updated to WordPress 3.4.1), and a trojan inserted into various parts of WordPress.

I have identified and replaced the affected files with clean copies, and you should see no more warnings.

Those who want the gruesome details can learn more.

5 thoughts on “Hacked again

  1. Yes, my Norton’s warned it had blocked a malicious attack from this site. Just now my system has given an administrator’s warning that it wants to update Java. I have said no just to be on the same side. It’s probably not related but I won’t let my system do anything while it’s on this site.

  2. Yeah — what’s happening is that the site was scanned by Google while it was infected and pretty much everyone just cribs off that database (it’s publicly accessible by other software). The warnings should go away in the next 24-48 hours.

  3. dear JQ,
    i am sorry to inform you that your grades for MoT(Master of Tyranny) are abysmal.
    You fail.
    Your record shows a propensity to Hard Facts,Reasoned Opinion,an Unwillingness to Tolerate Bulldust and a total rejection of Applied Confusion (for an example of the standard required for high marks in AC please study the methods applied by the current Federal Opposition)
    You have a Proffessorial attitude and consequently are invited to not apply for further MoT studies.

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