Al Capone was done for tax evasion

Alan Jones is in a heap of strife for his tasteless and offensive attack on Julia Gillard. He’s suffering the same effects of social media that Rush Limbaugh encountered when he called a student advocate of access to contraceptives a “slut”. Limbaugh’s show has survived, but his leading advertisers are gone, and his power over the Republican Party (so extreme that anyone who criticised him was forced into a grovelling apology) has dissipated. It’s too early to say for sure, but Alan Jones may be in even more difficulty than Limbaugh. Unlike Limbaugh, whose audience and local advertisers are scattered across the US, Jones depends critically on 2GB and Sydney. That makes things simple – until Jones goes, any company that advertises on 2GB is effectively supporting him. Advertisers seem to be jumping ship fast, to the point where the station must be hurting pretty badly.

In both cases, the response to the comments might be seen as over the top, if it weren’t for the track record of getting away with such appalling stuff in the past. Leaving aside his consistent nastiness, of which the latest was just an extreme example, Jones should have lost his job for the cash-for-comment scandal and then again for his incitement of the Cronulla riots. He got away with both of those, but it looks like he might have run out of luck this time.

Of course, as a private citizen, Jones has the right to say hateful and offensive things. But we don’t have to listen to him, or contribute to his wealth by buying the products of his sponsors.

If you haven’t signed the petition yet, its here

108 thoughts on “Al Capone was done for tax evasion

  1. Freelander :
    Chris Uhlmann
    You only asked for one.
    And what a man crush he’s got on a certain former journalist/trainee priest, now political leader, he’s even trying to emulate the leader’s career path.

    I would also say with some confidence that Emma Alberici is a conservative voter.
    6 odd months ago, one could easily be under the impression that the IPA had some interest in the management of the ABC – whether I was watching the Drum, Q&A or listening to my local ABC radio on the travel home from work, I was sick and tired of listening to the opinions of some peanut from the IPA and when someone finally decided to raise an online petition about the issue (as it was becoming ridiculous), I obviously jumped at the opportunity to contribute. I also believe journalist employed at the ABC are employed on merit and not their political leanings. It just seems funny that journalists who are extremely objective who provide thorough scrutiny always tend to irritate the conservative contributors.

  2. Anyone who has seen merit selection in operation in the public service would understand how rapidly change can be and was effected under the Howard regime. In the public service, and I imagine the ABC and elsewhere most career orientated go with the flow and quickly start talking the talk and doing the do that gets rewarded. Those with integrity are quickly forced out. Not being brought out, they “price” themselves out of the market. The core ideologues move into the key hire fire positions. Staff turnover, eleven years of government plenty of time for profound change.

    One of the major errors Labor made when it assumed office was to not “clear the decks” of the rats, who did not do the rat thing and leave with the sinking liberal ship, or at least before it sank. Instead, dear leader Rudd tried to curry favour with many of these rats, and rather than gratitude, they have continued their mischief. A giant sellout all round!

  3. @BilB

    Yes. I noticed the time. But some have sleeping problems.

    Someone with truth’s burden of revalatory truth carries a crushing weight. Let’s feel sorry for him.

  4. @BilB

    Yes. I noticed the time. But some have sleeping problems.

    Someone with truth’s burden of revalatory truth carries a crushing weight. Let’s feel sorry for him.

    Just as we are oh so sorry for Bernie Madoff, St Alan Jones, Ordinal Pell (let’s accept, he can’t count) and all the other unfortunates.

  5. @truth

    A very incisive comment that—full of substance and rich with information—so original too.


    Thanks – I thought so too. 🙂

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