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Back on air with another Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. As usual, civilised discussion and no coarse language. Lengthy side discussions to the sandpits, please.

9 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. So is unemployment a problem in Spain? No-way, at least for the Mondragon cooperative.

    Even in the worst economic climate, all workers (members of the cooperative) have jobs and incomes. However Mondragon temporary workers have separated.

    The crisis in Spain is purely restricted to the capitalist sector including the welfare sectors attached to capitalism.

    Globally capitalism is about to head into deeper economic crisis. See:

    As a Brookings Institution boffin says;

    The global economic recovery is on the ropes, battered by political conflicts within and across countries, lack of decisive policy actions, and governments’ inabilities to tackle deep-seated problems such as unsustainable public finances that are stifling growth…In the abscence of a broader range of decisive policy measures – including fiscal, financial system and structural reforms needed in many countries – the world economy may be down for the count. [Prof. Eswar Prasad]

    Co-operatives don’t have these so-called deep seated problems such as unsustainable common funds that stifle growth.

    Large scale co-operative economies don’t appear to be “down for the count”.

    So is it capitalism that is ‘down for the count’ ?

    The IMF is now revising downward its 2012 global growth forecast from its July attempt (3.4 to 3.3) but a more radical downgrade for 2013 forecast (3.9 to 3.6). [Chris Giles, Financial Times, 8 Oct, p10]

  2. The challenge is how to share a limited amount of work around where the amount of work is limited because people are too frightened to spend. In the cooperative example you provide, those people need not be as frightened as the others, who are naked and alone in the workforce. So many problems are solved through cooperation.

  3. @Freelander

    I am not sure that work is limited. Certainly work that produces a capitalist ‘return’ is limited, but there are plenty of non-capo-profit job opportunities that could increase the wealth and efficiency of society – with or without markets.

  4. Work isn’t really limited, but when people don’t spend, inventories build and people are let go. The so-called paradox of thrift. Economies in the west have been depressed, somewhat because people are being much more careful with their money. Fear of what might happen seems to be the driver. The GFC was a considerable psychological shock, one we still haven’t recovered from. And our leaders have been generally quite poor in facing up to the challenges and showing leadership.

    So I agree, in principle there is no good reason why work ought to be limited. But employment relays on someone buying the goods and services you have a role in producing. No buy; no job.

  5. The recovery since the GFC has been dead zombie bounce. Various temporising measures have been adopted. The zombie economy is still on undead support.

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  7. That is pretty scary, Rog. That is the kind of scandal that we expect to hear about from China, but no, here it is coming from “user pays, freedom is every thing, corporations never make mistakes, government is bad, ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies” USA.

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