Race report

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me and Flavio Menezes for the Noosa Triathlon. I finished in 3:04:55, a personal best. The highlight was finishing in the top half (31/72) of my age-gender category for the run leg, the first time I’ve managed this in any leg of a tri. As regards the 1.5k swim, though, the less said the better. Flavio outdid himself (and me) finishing in 2:50. As you can see from the sidebar we raised $2320 for Heartkids which is really great. Thanks again!

6 thoughts on “Race report

  1. I am interested. Did you do the standard course? (Standard distance, commonly referred to as “Olympic distance” (1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) swim, 40 kilometres (25 mi) bike, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) run.)

    I would sink with cramp about 300m into the swim so I am not making any claims or comparisons.

    This link is interesting re the human running adaptation.


  2. Other factors that support the running adaptation hypothesis is our enhanced capacity to loose heat by sweating and, interestingly, our lack of strength. A chimpanzee weighing two thirds as much as a human could literally rip a human apart (and without looking particularly muscly.) In the strength-stamina trade off we are well over the stamina side. Of course, evolution is about the sum of adaptive enhancements and their physiological costs; our wildly developed capacity for cooperation and our uniquely sophisticated tool use mitigate the importance of raw strength and confound a simple stamina story.

    See this talk by Daniel Lieberman for some interesting ideas around brains, stamina, strength, bipedalism and running. http://edge.org/conversation/-brains-plus-brawn

  3. John

    I saw you flying along on your bike near the end of the cycle leg like a man possessed (with what I’m not sure).

    Well Done

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