Return of ‘Lord Monckton’

While we are on the subject of irresponsible pranks, noted performance artist, “Lord Monckton” is returning to Australia after his highly successful tour a couple of years ago, when I was invited to, and then disinvited from, a debate with him. I had some good lines ready on my part in the conspiracy to impose a communist world government, but I never got to use them. On the other hand, Monckton played the straight man to Tim Lambert, reprising the famous McLuhan moment from Annie Hall.

It’s been suggested that “Monckton” is another manifestation of the multi-faceted Sacha Baron-Cohen, but this is incorrect. Like his model, the marvellous Screaming Lord Sutch, Monckton lives his character 24/7. In fact, Monckton outdoes Sutch in many respects. Sutch regularly ran for the English House of Commons as a candidate for the Monster Raving Loony Party, losing his deposit every time. Monckton topped this by running for the House of Lords, as an independent monster raving loony, and received zero votes. Emulating Monty Python’s Silly Party, he ran three times more, doubling his vote each time.

His latest tour will be a challenge. He doesn’t seem to have much new material to add to the loony climate denialist routines of his previous tours, and much of the audience is now in on the joke. For example, I’m pretty sure that Andrew Bolt tumbled after Monckton’s Galileo Movement prank. Still, fans of WWE wrestling are perfectly happy to cheer the faces and boo the heels, knowing perfectly well that the events are staged and scripted, and indeed getting additional entertainment from the soap opera of the “real story”

79 thoughts on “Return of ‘Lord Monckton’

  1. The Galileo Movement link refers to project leader Malcolm Roberts with this:

    “An engineer by training, his managerial and leadership experience included statutory responsibility for thousands of people’s lives based on his knowledge and real-world experience of atmospheric gases, including carbon dioxide. ”

    I suspect Malcolm’s experience with atmospheric gases and C02 may relate to a backgrouind in underground coal mining?

    If it is indeed the Malcolm (don’t those photos look familiar) I know it is the same Malcolm who did a surprisingly rapid career advancement to become manager of the large Gordonstone underground coal mine development in Emerald around 1990.

    There were genuine innovations attempted and Malcolm does have some admirable skills. However he was ultimately removed. I’m not sure the background descibed and that I am aware of is any qualification re CO2 and climate!

  2. does anyone remember what came out of the Doha conference? But for the robust non-violent direct action of Lord Monckton, who would have know it was on?

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