77 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. @Chris Warren

    It seems about 90% of people are wired to believe “My culture/nation is always right”. We never did anything wrong in the whole of history and our current privileged and wealthy position is wholly due to our hard work and moral rightousness.”

    This is probably “soft-wiring” (happening after birth) but most of it is done and embedded by adulthood so you cannot reclaim adults who already have this belief set. They are a lost cause and will be reactionaries until the grave. We must concentrate on the young of 0 to 18 years and better educate them to avoid such prejudiced thinking. Only generational attitudinal change can move society to a better position. We have to allow the reactionaries to die off naturally and educate the next generation to be progressive and not reactionary.

  2. There are indeed spurs to imperialism. But it does no good morally, to get it technically wrong where these horrid impulses come from. Neither the Venetian nor the British Empire happened in “a fit of absentqmindedness” But we would wish to be more surgical in figuring out what the impetuous was.

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