At about the same time as announcing that Queensland was an economic basket case, requiring large scale sackings of public employees to balance the books, the Newman government called for tenders for a project that, among other things, involves demolishing the 1970s office tower in which the Premier, Deputy Premier and Treasurer work, and replacing it with a spiffy new one. Some might see a contradiction here, but according to Treasurer Tim Nicholls, the new building “won’t cost taxpayers a cent“.

I’m tempted to say “if you believe that, I have a bridge for sale”, but of course Australian governments of both parties have become adept in bogus sales of bridges, roads and assets of all kinds. So, I’ll quote the famous aphorism, There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

In the case of the “free lunch” apparently offered by US bars in the past, it’s clear enough that you are unlikely to get the lunch more than once if you don’t order a beer or two, and that the price of the lunch is included in that of the beer. In a complex transaction like the current one, it’s not immediately obvious how we are paying for Mr Nicholls’ new office. Some of it is in the 15-year lease payable to the owners of the new building, some of it in land being given away with the deal and some of it, probably, in valuable rights being handed over free of charge. What we do know is that, when you can’t see the price of what you are buying it’s almost certainly higher than if you paid upfront.

Of course, we have a Commission of Audit, headed by former Treasurer Peter Costello, that is supposed to expose dodgy transactions in the State’s books. The Committee prepared its draft report over the same period as this deal was going down. The government hasn’t released the report. An amusing, but unlikely, possibility is that the Commission actually did its job and criticised this boondoggle, leading the government to bury the report. More likely, Costello has done his job by helping to create the panic needed to justify 20 000 sackings, and is now just an embarrassment.

77 thoughts on “TANSTAAFL

  1. Tiny dancer, please pay more attention.

    In line with Prof JQs OP, I have been specific about, that a Nation or State should face fare and square the facts of it’s origin, otherwise its foundation is a fake and fraud. What ever gets built on top of it is on shaky ground as well as one way or an other, this crooked manner of nation building is carried on in to the future. fn1

    Further, Rudd apologised: “We reflect in particular on the mistreatment of those who were Stolen Generations – this blemished chapter in our nation’s history.” So far I have not seen or heard any mentioning from any Australian politician making reference to the historical facts in how the land of this Nation was ‘acquired’. We currently even struggle, with all the partisan politicking, to get Indigenous people acknowledged in our constitution. Most Australians presently would not even be aware of that, totally off the radar! My point is, this is about us, how we deal with our collective past as a grown up nation. Whether we want to, like a naughty child, point out that others have not washed their hands and brushed their teeth, in order to avoid toilet training, or whether we acknowledge the mess in our nappies and grow up. Honesty is paramount to everything else before we can genuinely ask, as you do: “What else can we do?”.

    fn1 Interesting comment by Langbroek in relation to my last point about history repeating itself.

  2. Mel,

    “The available evidence tells us that hunter gatherer societies were brutal and bleak affairs in many ways. War, never ending cycles of payback, the death penalty for minor infractions of tribal law, fear and accusations of sorcery often ending in bloodshed, cannibalism, the institutionalised degradation, rape, beating and humiliation of women and so on and so forth were all aspects of pre-colonial indigenous life.”

    First, I’d like to see your evidence! Second, do you propose that above is a legitimate reason to invade any nation displaying such behaviour?

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