Who wants Abbott PM?

We’ve had quite a few debates here about the Labor leadership. While there are plenty of issues, there is one that, at this point in the cycle, trumps all the others. Of the two serious contenders, who is more likely to save Australia from the disaster of an Abbott-led coalition government? The answer to this question is so clear-cut that I find it impossible to believe anyone would dispute it: Julia Gillard has almost no chance of victory at this point, while Kevin Rudd has a chance. There’s certainly room for debate about how good Rudd’s chances are, but none, I think, as regards Gillard’s. And, whatever the stylistic differences, in substantive terms Gillard’s agenda is the one she inherited from Rudd.

The question now is whether we will have another three years to implement that agenda, or whether we have a Newman-style slash and burn assault on the public sector, the environment, science, women’s rights and, of course, the working class. The only thing likely to stop that is an immediate change of leadership.

152 thoughts on “Who wants Abbott PM?

  1. see http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/teams-lining-up-early-for-a-coalition-victory-20130222-2ewqh.html for a taste of what the incoming balance of power in the Senate plans to do.

    Xenophon and Madigan introduced a private member’s bill under which renewable energy grants worth would be withdrawn from wind turbines that exceed 10 decibels.

    Xenophon introduced another private member’s bill to exempt small businesses in the restaurant, catering and retail sectors with fewer than 20 full-time employees from paying penalty rates at weekends! how would you administer this firm size contingent and sector contigent policy?

    Madigan talks about the dangers of the abortion drug RU486,

  2. Fran Barlow :@tgs

    I doubt that. You lack a plausible refutation for my initial claim and so your remark is really just standard conservative cant, though I can’t entirely rule out the possibility that you believe it.

    I am very impressed.

    Not only are you able to diagnose a large proportion of the country as having various character defects for holding different voting intentions from yourself, but you appear to be capable of reading my own thoughts better than I ever could!

    I’m going to leave this discussion before you unveil your next superpower, a mere mortal such as myself could never hope to compete.

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