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Another Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. As usual, civilised discussion and no coarse language. Lengthy side discussions to the sandpits, please.

12 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Unsurprise!

    Right-wing writers taking piles of cash from the Malaysian government to write hatchet pieces against the pro-democracy opposition.

    I’m not sure that Anwar Ibrahim is any sort of progressive modernist politician, but the guys hiring out their writing chops to the Islamic authorities are, of course, the same ones who fulminate against all things Islamic, democratic or what they choose to label authoritarian.

    That won’t come as a surprise to anyone aware of what modern conservatism is, but will be hilariously defended by those who think it’s something else.

  2. I’m planning a post on this, but haven’t had time yet. For the moment, I’m just enjoying the fun

  3. The Climate Commission is in no doubt that the large numbers and clusters of extreme heat and other extreme event instances in Australia this summer are due to and exacerbated by climate change. Climate change is real and it’s here now. Expect (IMO) most years to be uncomfortable and difficult from now on (and ever more so).

    We have to begin climate proofing our entire infrastructure as far as possible. As a rule of thumb all standards should be doubled (again IMO). Thus “build slab or lower floor 1m above 1 in 100 year flood level” must become “build slab or lower floor 2m above 1 in 200 year flood level”. “Able to withstand winds of 100 kph” must become “able to withstand winds of 200 kph” and so on.

  4. andrew bolts blog is censored – only about 1 in 5 of my posts get past his moderators .
    i think the left have been taken for a ride by the right who are not playing by the same rules . to me a fundamental belief of left is something like – ‘everyone should have a voice ‘ or ‘you shouldnt presume to speak for anyone else ‘ .really i dont think conservatives believe that . the right think some peoples voices are inherintly better than others .
    over the last 30 or 40 years the left has moved right, (perhaps) as seemed appropriate at the time . now that the backside has fallen out of their neolib dream they wont move back to the left even a bit , as now seems appropriate . they just say ‘oh , it all fell over because you guys did not let us move far enough to the right ‘ !
    shows like q and a , insiders , and the drum annoy me because they almost always have a far right conservative on but almost never a far left spoksperson . who is to the right of those cons ? only people who let bombs off in public .
    i am tired of what passes for debate between right and left in the mainstream media .

  5. I may have to renovate the tile roof first, but through the wonders of the internet, I got three visits and two quotes, and an unsolicited phone call. I learnt something about the technology.

    I was interested by the different selling approaches. The emphasis was on individual advantage, whereas alternative technology has the possibility of being communitarian and local which would represent a political change.

    If we have to connected to a grid, why can’t it be organized primarily on the principle of the public interest, and why we preference solar and other alternative energy sources, from farmers? It is suggested that solar power will become cheaper than coal?

  6. wow, worth a read if you ever suspected Dick Cheney was the evil mastermind, or “Backseat” as the US secret service called him.

  7. Mel, insight into the managerial labour market can be gleaned from the share price effect of accidental and other unexpected deaths of heads of companies and independent directors. what happens?

    Do share prices fall when corporations relocate to states with weaker corporate laws?

    One of the earliest public choice studies was in 1964 where Stigler studied the effects of securities regulation on investors. Did they receive higher returns on new share issues after the increase in regulation of corporate deception and non-disclosure?

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