LP is back

Ozblogistan has been up and down lately[1], which has distracted me from mentioning the return, for this election only, of the deservedly popular Larvatus Prodeo group blog.

fn1. Blogs are doing the same things now they did ten years ago, and have lost a fair bit of their traffic to FB and Twitter but despite spectacular reductions in storage and communications costs they seem less reliable now than then. How can this be?

7 thoughts on “LP is back

  1. Software adds features over time; every added feature includes bugs.

    A significant added feature set is the ability to cope with attacks that are continually escalating in number, variety and sophistication. Attack-proofing adds bugs.

  2. Free edition of wordpress was never designed for hosting multiple group blog sites.

    Why else would a problem with one site crash all of the sites?

  3. If you’re looking for a specific answer, and I’m not sure you were, it’s poor database design and database accessing scripts. Over ten years and multiple blogs, you’ve built up thousands of posts, hundreds to thousands of commenters, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of comments. That’s why it is less reliable now than it was then.

    The scripts and routines in third party components, including spam-proofers etc, are often woeful and were never designed to scale up properly either.

    Given all of that – as a solution, you could either redesign it since it’s open source anyway, pay $500 a month for the enterprise version, or host under several virtual server accounts for ~$30 a site per month, instead of say $60-90 for all sites per month (at a rough estimate of traffic served).

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