Auditors, unaudited

The Crime and Misconduct Commission has announced that it does not have jurisdiction to investigate allegations of an undeclared conflict of interest against Peter Costello in relation to the Queensland Commission of Audit. This is an unsatisfactory outcome: the allegations remain neither proven nor refuted, adding to the general miasma of nepotism and jobbery that surrounds the Newman government, and leaving Costello without an opportunity to defend himself against what remain merely anonymous leaks. If the CMC has no jurisdiction on allegations that policy recommendations involving state assets worth billions of dollars are being made by someone with a vested interest, something is seriously wrong. The fact that the Newman government has attacked the CMC (set up because of pervasive corruption under an earlier LNP government) from day one makes this seem even worse.

The Newman’s government’s response to the Audit Commission’s Final report has been similarly inappropriate. It’s not uncommon for a government to sit on a report while it makes up its mind how to deal with the recommendations. I can’t recall, though, a case when the recommendations have been made public, but the report itself remains secret. That suggests a lack of confidence in the quality of the analysis. Given the weakness of the Commission’s Interim Report, and the Commission’s inability to respond effectively to criticism (as an example, my lengthy critique received a one-sentence reply), this lack of confidence is probably wise.

7 thoughts on “Auditors, unaudited

  1. If not the CMC then who? I would be tempted to bet against black caviar then expect the Newman state gov’t to open an inquiry or expand the CMC’s powers to investigate any alledged activity by Costello and associates. I would also be suprised if this is forgotten by the murdoch media or the good professors mates in other blogs that cannot be named……

  2. There is something rotten in the state of Qld., once again. It’s the Tories. They are rotten through and through.

  3. @Ikonoclast

    taint just tha tories.

    the rot is on display via the link up picture from the NSW coal grab to lobbyman as topdog in the lib party of QLD.

    our knowlege of these activities come by virtue of a constitutional process that has (somehow)managed to withstand corporate and/or family interest attempts to render ineffective.

    for me, the gretch incident was the eye opener.
    how come a member of the public service acted in unison with the then leader of the opposition?
    how come the then leader of the opposition acted with gretch?
    the current attempt to disallow via conflict of interest,the inquiry in the NSW dirty coal deal is part and parcel of the same thing.
    that’s a bit hard to support.
    it looks more like a collection individual/group personal interests acting in a climate of art-of-the-possible, they all know each other but are more likely at each others throats than working together.
    built up and sustained by a closely held information regime assiduously working at a disinformation campaign that has been going on for years.

    we have,not once from the time the most representative government in memory took the treasury benches,a clear and accurate picture of the political scene.
    it’s all been drama and steamed up dramatics and woe woe woe.
    QLD? clemmycambell sell off?
    he looks to be getting coldish feet.
    i keep getting the feeling the decks have been cleared.

  4. Interesting that the CMC say it is beyond their brief to evaluate the issue but exonerate Costello anyway:

    ”Finally, we do not consider that Mr Costello’s alleged activities, as described by you, have been unlawful.”

  5. newscorpse ?

    ABC national news?
    “forced adoption victims disgusted with ALP”

    the story i got elsewhere was that the “forced adoption victims” were disgusted with abbot for belittling what happened.

    disinformation—and how.

  6. Same with the CMC on the three flood engineers who wrote a self-serving report according to the Holmes Inquiry into the floods. The CMC later said it would be “oppressive” to pursue the engineers, despite Justice Holmes recommending that in her report. Same with the Hurley allegations regarding Doomadgee on Palm Island.

    Why doesn’t the CMC just save a lot of stress and coffee and say “We hereby declare that anyone in a position of any power accused of stuff in Qld didn’t do it. Is that OK, Campbell and Jeff?”.

    And yet Campbell Newman wants to get rid of the CMC, so it must have done some good that hasn’t become public knowledge yet.

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