107 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. @Jim Rose

    I do not know the question to which you provide an answer. I assume you have a conversation with yourself and you erroneously addressed your reply to me.

  2. @Ernestine Gross you said that “Empiricism is the name given to a segment of the literature on the theory of knowledge.”

    Empiricism is a theory of knowledge. one of many.

  3. @Jim Rose I was wondering if you could demonstrate what you know about economics?

    The emphasis should be on what you “know” not what you think someone else “knows”.

    I don’t know too much about economics but I can recognise an argument properly constructed. You have not presented any such argument. Ever.

  4. @rog was my argument about how market socialism is based on neoclassical economics and market socialism provoked a fruitful debate on whether socialism was feasible and superior to capitalism not properly constructed?

    My argument was a counter-example to the proposition that

    Neoclassical economics especially appears to be a case of making up a story and then forcing all information to conform to the normative narrative often using empiricism

    the socialist calculation debate led to a much deeper understand of social systems, the operation of the market as a process, the role of knowledge as the basic economic problem, the role of property rights, and the role of the entrepreneur.

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