31 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. Yes, Terje. Which option is more likely?

    Ronald Brack…Liar?
    Andrew Bolt….Liar?

    This is important!

  2. TerjeP, either Andrew Bolt or I am saying something untrue. As you are not going to look into if Bolt is lying I am curious to know who you think it more likely to be fibbing, me or Bolt.

  3. Rudd will go down in the polls because he sold himself as a conviction politician in 2007.

    He showed in 2010 with his backdown on the great big new tax and in 2013 with the PNG solution that he is just another opportunist.

  4. “Bolt has been taking advice on what style to adopt:-”

    So many Andrew Bolts. Which is the real one? Or is there a real one?

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