A new front in the culture wars

The political right seems eager to open new fronts in the culture wars. The latest, from the WSJ, is running (I won’t link to their piece, but to this translation). I’m happy to say that I am on the correct (that is, left) side of this latest battle. Apparently, liberal elitist runners have bumper stickers indicating the longest distance (in miles) they have run, say 26.2 for a marathon. Real Americans, on the other hand, never leave their cars (except to move from the garage to the couch) and therefore have stickers saying 0.0.

31 thoughts on “A new front in the culture wars

  1. From what I’ve heard “modal surfing” is the preferred left wing means of transport, as recommended by our good public service.

  2. I gather Chad Stafko thinks some people should get over themselves. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea. Maybe I should get over myself? But how? Would it be possible for Chad Stafko to demonstrate the technique?

  3. I find it truly amazing just how anti American Australians are. The greatest creation of the Americans – the Space Shuttle had over 2 million ‘working’ parts – here in Australia you have your greatest invention – the Hills Hoist – with 3 moving parts. But 3 is bigger than 2, right? Singapore has NO natural resources and has a higher standard of living than OZ. If Singaporeans lived here – Australia would be the richest, and most inventive country on earth. If Australians lived in Singapore – you’d all still be living in Campongs, barefoot and starving.
    Norway has a $2 trillion future fund from their oil and natural gas, with < 1/3 the population. Australia has a lot of flat screen TV's.
    I suggest you ignoramouses look in a mirror if you want to criticize. In a country of 22 million, 1 million plus residents have NOT taken out citizenship – they'd be just too embarrassed!

  4. Tks John

    A curious offering (article/translation) but much food for thought – or is there?:

    * Why did the WST bother publishing it? Still one could say the same for the content of many magazines, academic journals and the Daily Telegraph/Mail/Oz. Quality is clearly not an essential criterion for publication these days if it ever was.

    * The original article content is not much different to the stuff on shock jock radio and fox news so maybe its not that notable. Still there is so much more interesting out there in the world and potentially interesting for audiences. Maybe this offering is more a reflection of the depths editors are sinking to than the actual writer.

    * The translation isn’t bad though it would have been better if he’d done a bit more analysis of why some people might loathe runners. In this country you still see people walking – but in many areas of the US other than say NYC SF and probably a few other large cosmopolitan cities – nobody walks suggesting a rising anathema to people on the streets – other than gangs/the homeless who are up to no good.

    * Perhaps the answer lies in the reference early on in the primary article to the dreaded ‘Selfie’:
    – Though these have been around for a while e.g. family blog sites shared with friends, Facebook, snap happy Japanese tourists (and the name is old – Wiki seems to think its an Australian invention), this seems to be the year of the Selfie to judge by the fact its so well known but isn’t yet in this web site spell checker.
    – Selfie’s definitely have the potential for inducing over the top outrage by virtue of what appears to be the ultimate in narcissistic distortion of young people’s image and social attitudes. The focus of the article may be on bumper stickers but this may be simply the final straw for the writer/Ranter.

    In conclusion the more interesting thing here is not the article but what produced the reaction which may not be solely culture wars.

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