28 thoughts on “Another Oz meltdown

  1. It takes real effort to have less substance than this OZ editorial; the authors of the responses should be get extra points if they have managed it.

    If the Oz Opinionisers were deprived their ABC appearances I would not be aware of their existence. Being on the ABC like they so often are actually gives them an air of respectability and relevance that they can’t manage as columnists for News. No wonder the ABC gets under their skin.

    The Australian is the pretentious flagship of big corporate media in Australia and it’s always required propping up; which could be an element in the childish displays of dislike of the publicly propped up ABC. If other media, journalists and bloggers stopped paying so much attention it’s circulation would plummet.

  2. I’ve been watching the establishment media and 1% reaction to Mandela’s death.

    Bolt set the tone and flagged the ‘battlelines’ with his bit sticking the boot into Mandela for being a terrrst.

    Netanyahoo and Erdogan (and many others) essentially boycotted the memorial service.

    My TV (which I almost never watch anymore because it’s filled with rubbish) doesn’t receive ‘HD” but I get all the Digital channels which don’t require HD.

    Right now a huge chunk of Australians can’t see on TV or hear on radio the live broadcast of the service, but there is an abundance of crap to watch and listen to instead.

    I’m watching it via the BBC online.

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