Pot, meet kettle

Andrew Bolt has a column (no link) in which he attacks a number of Marxist academics on the basis that they are morally responsible for all the crimes committed by Marxist regimes, regardless of their personal attitude to those regimes. Rather than explore the problems with this kind of cliam, I’ll point out that

* The Iraq war, launched on the basis of lies, resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and left millions homeless

* Bolt eagerly supported the war and propagated the lies told to justify it

* Bolt derided and defamed those who correctly predicted its disastrous consequences

* Even when it was obvious that the death toll from the war was huge, and certain to grow further, Bolt continued to lie, and offered no apology to those he had defamed

* To this day, Bolt has continued to defend the war, and failed to acknowledge the falsehood of the claims he made in its support

Bolt is in exactly the same moral position as an unrepentant apologist for Stalinism or Maoism.

80 thoughts on “Pot, meet kettle

  1. Andrew Bolt is a stooge.

    I had never heard of him until the “Bolt-Watch” website came to my attention.

    I never click on anything Murdoch owned but I’ll guess it is safe to assume that he didn’t mention Murdoch’s $1bn freebie from the taxpayer or the travails of the phone-hacking-scum trial currently underway?

    The latest from last night was the reveleation of the lovely Blair email linking them all together and suggesting a “Hutton style” inquiry to absolve them of wrongdoing.


  2. Micallef did a great spot on Bolt once.

    I’ll repeat a bit, again:

    …inflammatory…selective misrepresentation…distorting the truth…cynical…intimidatory…not acting in objective good faith…being gratuitous…derisive…grossly careless…dishonest…factual errors…misleading…lacking care…

    All used by courts to describe Bolt’s work.

    One day Rupert will cut him loose as he did with Glen Beck.

  3. Aren’t a lot of Bolt’s Limited News colleagues former Maoists and Trotskyites themselves? Does that make them doubly culpable for the crimes of the former (and for defending those of the latter posthumously) and for those of the West and allied régimes?

  4. Why bother at all with Bolt? The man is paid to be annoying and seems to be narcissistic enough to enjoy even the most negative attention.

  5. The way that newspapers are going, Bolt, Australia’s worst investigative reporter, will be looking for a new job in a different field. Fox News’s man in S. E. Asia springs to mind.

  6. Megan – Interesting you have such strong views about somebody you have never even listened to. Do you have magical powers?

    Personally I like Bolt but I have to agree with JQ on this point. The Iraq war had far too many Australian apologists including Bolt.

    But leaving that to one side it is great to know the Bolt report will be back on TV soon. The format is now extended to one hour. Bolt is a fantastic provocateur and very entertaining. I love his show.


  7. JQ, I completely support your statements about Bolt. Bolt is indeed in exactly the same moral position as an unrepentant apologist for Stalinism or Maoism.

    I am pleased you made an implied distinction between Marxism and Stalinism / Maoism. It’s the type of distinction against wilful conflation that most capitalist apologists also need so that every capitalist apologist isn’t held morally accountable for Zyklon B.

  8. @TerjeP

    You agree that Bolt was an apologist (I would say he was part of an essential enabling machine for) the Iraq war.

    That was an illegal war of aggression that ruined a country and left hundreds of thousands dead.

    You ‘personally like’ a guy who was an essential part of that machine.

    I find that nauseating.

  9. @TerjeP

    So, you love Bolt as a “fantastic provocateur”.

    fantastic – fanciful, extravagant, absurd.

    Provocateur – a person who provokes trouble, causes dissension, or the like; agitator.

    I must say your decription of him is accurate; a fanciful, extravagant, absurd trouble maker.

  10. @TerjeP

    Lately you have become uncharacteristically sloppy.


    somebody you have never even listened to

    I have actually had the misfortune to hear Bolt, but I have never “clicked” on, or paid, Murdoch to do so.

    You “love” Bolt’s TV show & I consider him to be a clown and fascist propagandist. Each to their own.

  11. Megan – ” I had never heard of him until the “Bolt-Watch” website came to my attention. ”

    so, you never watched “insiders”? congratulations! -a.v.

  12. @alfred venison

    Only for a few minutes, once or twice, and only after I had already heard about him through “Bolt-Watch”.

    I gave that away very quickly – having dubbed the show “Barrie & Rupert & Friends”. Not the ABC at its best.

  13. There simply is nothing at all to recommend paying attention to Bolt’s output to anyone who isn’t a political tragic or cultural reactionary. Using his output as a guide he betrays no attachment to or interest in ideas beyond a banal, ignorant and reactionary populism which in his case merely apes others in the same genre in talkback radio, or the intellectually equivalent sections of the US and British press.

    This is a man whose acumen in media is the equivalent of guessing that you may well sell a good many icy treats on a hot day at Bondi if you can set up a stand on Campbell Parade and who attracts custom by dressing up as an enormous gaudy icy pole.

    Putting aside his culturally reflexive embrace of ignorant populism, what sticks in my mind about him is his about face on the subject of poker machines. At one point, he apparently thought they were evil incarnate and ought to be banned but within perhaps minutes of finding someone keen to pay him to say the reverse — a chap by the name of Singleton — he discovered that in fact they were an expression of the robust freedom of the individual to choose his poison and those seeking in some way to discourage usage to be left wing harbingers of the nanny state. Clearly, populism can serve any cause.

  14. Speaking of blackened cooking utensils Tony Blair seems to have achieved the status of cracked pot.

    When it comes to issues like Iraq Blair, Bolt and other foot soldiers have one thing in common, loyalty to their employer Murdoch.

  15. He’s actually quite funny when you take his views with the good ol’ grain of salt. His mate, the pompous toad Ackerman isn’t even funny.

  16. The reactionaries are running scared which is they’re turning the volume knob on Bolt up. He’s effective at engaging the hate that passes for thought among the uninterested, bigoted and under educated. This man is a danger because he drowns out the possibility of reasoned public discussion on, say, the failures of communism and socialism; his volume stops people who know more than he does on the topic from expressing a view. A danger.

  17. Has anyone let Bolt know that one of his ideological heroes, Keith Windschuttle, was a committed and active Maoist?

  18. djm :Why bother at all with Bolt? The man is paid to be annoying and seems to be narcissistic enough to enjoy even the most negative attention.

    maybe the outfront “value” of these “commentators” could be that their malice and dismissal of basic human rights is on show loud and proud.

    claiming that they are victimised and deprived of their rights of free speech(offence is never given—only taken) they cannot deny that there are no human rights in the marketplace.

    and the more they show they can take it the more they claim the right to dish it out.
    sort of like and ever decreasing spiral ending up their own fundament?

    and anyway —how much has the neo-con adventure ended up costing (in money not blood)
    the public purse?

  19. Your name is quite apt Crocodile, since you mentioned salt and find people which have demonstrably blood on their hand “quite funny.”

  20. @Megan , from his bosses POV – ie attracting eyeballs – Bolt is excellent value and is likely to have a long career. He gets provocative, well written and, as Crocodile notes, often witty copy in on time every day. Both the moral worth and (subject to legal issues) the veracity of Mr Bolt are just not his employer’s concern.

    If you have consistent concerns over a writer’s moral worth or veracity then the best way of dealing with that is – guess what – don’t read and don’t discuss him or her. THAT is what gets a publishers’ attention.

  21. Oh, and a PS. Bolt is a uni dropout. Ya gotta think his animus against “academics” has some personal issues in there.

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