29 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. The comments are closed on the most recent thread discussing privatisation, but I wanted to make a comment (ok, rant to like-minded people) about the recent AWH scandal in NSW. A lot of the media, and politicians, seem to be reducing the scandal to how many degrees of separation there is between someone and Eddie Obeid, but they’ve really missed the point.

    The corruption scandal clearly has a hero, a public servant beauracrat who took personal risks to safeguard taxpayer’s money. On the other hand, the villians we have are a group of mainly politicians and associates who were determined to fleece as much money from either the Government, or the public via holding a monopoly contract on delivering the most basic requirement of human life, water.

    Of course, this is counter to a fairly substantial media narrative that the private sector is more efficient, Governments are lazy and public servants useless and that the public needs protection from the worst excesses of the market. That the villians in this piece are all strong proponents of this ideology, even if they are identities of different political parties, seems to be an inconvenient fact for many.

  2. Many readers will be saddened to learn of the death on Friday 28 March of Frans Timmerman. Frans was a lifelong activist of the Left going back to the 1960s and the Vietnam Moratorium Campaign, a committed but also thoughtful supporter of the Palestinians, a talented writer and editor, a prominent figure in the ALP Left for many years, a noted bookseller, and a generous and cultured man.

  3. Congratulations, Professor Quiggin, on your interview by Erin Ade and Edwin Harrison. It was reassuring to see you demolish the neoliberal economists’ dogmas that governments’ budgets (but not the whole societal budget including training, health, environmental care, etc.) must always be ‘balanced’ and that austerity causes economic growth.

    (Steve Keen is interviewed in the next session of the 29 minute video broadcast.)

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