Send in the clowns

I’ve been working on a post about how to respond to commentators like Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt, and about the suggestion that they should simply be dismissed as clownish entertainers, to be ignored rather than criticised. But now that the Abbott government has turned into a clownshow (or maybe one of those medieval theatre restaurant shows) it’s hard to know what to do.

It’s amusing, in a morbid way, to watch the government’s more sensible supporters squirm with embarrassment as David Flint becomes the face of Australian conservatism. This lame capitulation from Malcolm Turnbull (whose advocacy of an Australian republic was all about symbolism after all) is a pretty good example.

But three years of continuous culture war is going to get a bit dull.

80 thoughts on “Send in the clowns

  1. @Jack Strocchi

    the present conservative can do two things at once

    Only if one of those two things is to maintain the status quo. In that regard conservatives do a lot of work to effectively do nothing.

  2. @Jack Strocchi
    You have suggested that knighting people will encourage altruistic sacrifice, modesty and gentility, respect for traditional institutions, chivalry, and the aristocratic virtues of noblesse oblige, courage, and duty.

    This is pure fantasy. As I have already pointed out, the experiment has been tried. The conferring of knighthoods has been going on for centuries, with none of the effects you desire.

  3. Shorter Strocchi

    True conservatives are only those driven by noble and honourable motives and left-liberal-latte snorters are driven by a perverted desire to besmirch the good character of the afore-mentioned in tit for tat tribalism.

    Your pre-modern thinking is not fighting against post modern relativism and revisionism – the right are just as adept at that as the left (see the US) it’s reality you are fighting.

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