53 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. The LNP plays games with human suffering but still manages to be less inhumane than the “extreme-right-wing-pro-Israel” ALP!

    Some asylum seekers held in detention on Nauru will be able to temporarily settle on the island if they are found to be refugees, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says.

    Nauru will finalise about 60 claims for refugee status from asylum seekers within a month.

    There is no promise of permanent resettlement in Nauru for the refugees who are released, but Mr Morrison says the Australian Government will provide a small allowance and fund their schooling and health needs through the detention centre.

    Quite an achievement, ALP. Your members must be so sick and twisted to still blindly troll support for you, when the LNP can wedgie you on being slightly less cruel (only slightly, at least they are proposing to let these refugees outside the razor wire briefly). Congratulations.

    However, you have now lost all credibility as a political party having pretence to caring for the weak, persecuted, poor or otherwise powerless because you have literally got into bed with the 1%. Enjoy your inevitable political obliteration in Australian politics – it is well deserved.

  2. Re O’Farrell: I thought anyone going into politics would have had a bit of a think about the minefields and how to avoid them. Surely, accepting gifts must cross their mind. So what happened?

  3. @Martin

    The short answer would be “Neo-Cons & News Ltd.”

    There is a famous quote about Murdoch: “In Australia, the government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of News Corporation”.

    It should be remembered that O’Farrell also forgot having ever met the AWH guy. Until he was shown photos of them together. The AWH guy was an LNP power broker and big-wheel fundraiser. Probably the type of guy a Premier would hardly know anything about, probably.

    This is a News Ltd set-up:

    Asked if he had spoken to any journalists, Mr Di Girolamo said: “Absolutely not.”

    Text messages sent to the Premier on March 6 by a News Limited journalist, tendered at ICAC late on Wednesday, asked whether he had received a bottle of Grange after the March 2011 election.

    ICAC Council assisting , Geoffrey Watson SC: Rejects speculation that commission held back information relating to Barry O’Farrell.
    ICAC Council assisting , Geoffrey Watson SC: Rejects speculation that commission held back information relating to Barry O’Farrell. Photo: Nick Moir

    Mr O’Farrell wrote back: “Confirm no recollection or record of the alleged gift.”

    Mr Di Girolamo said his co-directors at AWH “may have known” but he did “not recall speaking to anyone about it”.

    Baird will be the next Premier of NSW. His Father, Bruce, gets a specific mention in Jeff Sharlet’s book ‘The Family”.

    Extract from a review in the Age 2008:

    Sharlet quotes Coe as saying in a rare interview: “We work with power where we can, build new power where we can’t.”

    Sharlet says the push for a “government led by God” is done through secret alliances and in defiance of democratic processes.

    “I think it’s dangerous. In some ways I resist calling it a left-right issue – although they do tend to be right-wingers – so much as an issue of open democracy, of transparency.

    “They use this pretentious phrase of bringing politicians together to make decisions ‘beyond the din of the vox populi’, the voice of the people. At its worst it’s cynical cronyism.

    “What The Family does when it says it is going to get beyond politics is try to shut down the debate.”

    Coe preaches submission, and approvingly cites Hitler and Mao. “There’s this constant thread and reverence for what essentially is an authoritarian concept of God, that what matters most in one’s concept of God is obedience,” Sharlet says.

    It applies across the ALP/LNP faux divide.

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