I’ll be at a session of Brisbane Writers Festival tomorrow talking on Advance Australia Fair (inequality and all that).

Also, with about 50 000 others, I’ll be running Bridge to Brisbane on Sunday.I haven’t got around to setting up my charity page for this, but please give to the good cause of your choice.

More events soon.

One thought on “Events

  1. A coming event will be the furore over electricity prices, or not.

    I decided to take a look to see what my next electricity bill will be like. Here are origin energy’s NSW published post Carbon Price removal electricity rates.

    Click to access NSW_Electricity_Residential_Essential%20Energy_eSaver.PDF

    I have the bill from just a few years ago when the retail rate was 13.6 cents. My next domestic bill will be 34.34 cents per unit.

    The incentive to install rooftop solar continues to increase, no FIT required at all.

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