MS Swimathon Appeal

I’m doing another of my fundraisers, this time for Multiple Sclerosis. I’m in a team of six people who will do a 12 hour swim relay in a couple of weeks. So, I get to swim two hours, which I’ve never done before. I’m a bit worried about foot cramps, which tend to be the biggest constraint on my swimming (apart from my appalling technique). But, if that happens, I’ll do the two hours in separate stages. So, you can be fairly sure of getting your money’s worth.

As an added inducement, anyone who donates at least $20 gets to vote on the “Tony Abbott question”. Should I post a pic in budgie-smugglers after the event. Feel free to debate, but only those who donate get a say, just like in real life politics.

Form letter, with details, over the fold

I have entered the Griffith Sport MS Swimathon and will be swimming to support people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) on Saturday 18 October.

Did you know the average age of diagnosis of MS is just 30 years old and 4 people are told they have MS every working day?

Today is MS Splash Day. It’s a day with one simple goal – to make the biggest impact possible to help people living with MS.

So, today I need your help. I am swimming in a 12 hour relay event to support people living with MS and to fund research to find a cure…

Can you support my efforts to fight MS by sponsoring my swim? It would really mean a lot to me and those people who are living with MS.

To sponsor me, simply click on the link to view my fundraising page and make a donation:

It will only take a few moments and you will receive a tax deductible receipt immediately.

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