The G20: A bonanza for tourism?

I was contacted by a journalism student here who would some commentary on the rosy projections being made about how the G20 meetings will put Brisbane on the world tourism map, assisted by such initiatives as a month of cultural celebrations (beginning tomorrow) along with “Team Brisbane” and “Global Cafe”. I offered the following response

G20 will provide a short-lived but substantial boost in demand for accommodation and restaurant services in the Brisbane CBD, associated with the arrival of thousands of delegates and media representatives. This will be offset by a negative effect on all other kinds of tourism, not only because of the difficulty of obtaining accommodation but because of the lockdown and other security measures associated with the event, and perhaps with fears of terrorism.

Longer-term effects on tourism, economic growth, and so on will be negligible. International news coverage of G20 will focus on staged events in the CBD, such as media conferences, held in settings indistinguishable from those of any other CBD. Viewers will scarcely be aware that the event is being held in Brisbane, let alone that there are associated cultural celebrations or that Brisbane is a desirable place to visit. A Google search on “G20 cultural celebrations” reveals zero coverage outside (greater) Brisbane, even though the event is starting today.

As regards “Team Brisbane” and “Global Cafe”, I was entirely unaware of these marketing efforts. I suspect that I am typical of the world’s population in this respect.

26 thoughts on “The G20: A bonanza for tourism?

  1. @Charlene MacDonald

    I suspect that when dealing with the other people you assumed were my type, you were just as inept, inappropriate and a bit funny – as in strange not amusing as you are being here. I would be interested if you could you expand on ‘the type’ you see me as being. I also think there are types of people.

    Not here though; did you notice that Professor Quiggin has provided a sandpit this is where to post your comments if you would like to discuss off topic things or the on topic things in a snide and with the self-referential style you use to communicate your …. what?

    What are you wanting to communicate I wonder; it is a different thing to what you are communicating.

    Do you go to lots of street marches Darlene? Tell me about your experiences in the sandpit please.

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