51 thoughts on “Best wishes for 2015

  1. “It is something to do with the loss of democratic spaces; as kids my mates and I would get the train from Newcastle to Sydney and go up to the Domain to hear the speakers. ”

    This happens outdoors in the central city in Melbourne in front of the State Library of Victoria with the statue of Redmond Barry, or outside the Trades Hall for bigger Union events. In town this happen in the park or outside the market building (which is now a tourist information centre but still set up like a market building with grand steps and pillars and a statue of Ceres on the roof). There was a Christmas protest outside the commonwealth bank. Otherwise indoors events happens in halls and churches or other public spaces – even pubs for WW1 interest groups.

    In terms of striking which has been mentioned there is a campaign for a general strike against the government that meets regularly at trades hall these last several months I do not know there state of progress, but if you email them you can probably get on their mailing list

    generalstriketostopabbott at gmail dot com

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