Lib/LNP leadership schadenfreude thread

When I posted on the Liberal leadership, I assumed that the right wing of the Liberal party was organized enough to persuade Abbott to go quietly and to install Bishop rather than Turnbull to replace him. Neither assumption looks safe now, and my overestimation of LNP organizational capacities has been shown up by the fiasco in Queensland. So, I’ll sit back and enjoy the fun, leaving you to offer whatever thoughts you have on the topic, or on related issues.

146 thoughts on “Lib/LNP leadership schadenfreude thread

  1. Rob, you’re banned. Everyone else, please re-read the comments policy regarding personal attacks – JQ

  2. @Ikonoclast
    It is precisely the issue of citizens refusal of neoliberal policies that most msm commentary misses. I say neoliberal policies because most punters would not be sufficiently informed or even interested in political philosophy.

    The widely noted ‘volatility’ of the electorate is a holding exercise as citizens churn political parties and leaders before they have too much time and opportunity to further damage the common weal. The common weal now includes all aspects of the environment. This is not ‘volatility’ but a wholesale rejection of the neoliberalism of both major parties.

    Until someone advances a realistic program to address global warming, this churning will become the new normal.

  3. @alfred venison

    Queensland had a long period of conservative government from 1957 to 1989 albeit these were variously Country Party/National Party, Liberal Party or LNP coalition governments. This is not as long as Alberta has suffered conservative government of course. The linking factor might be that both states are primary producer states (agriculture and mining). It seems easy for a state government to remain popular and stable while it is “producing the goods” at the primary industry level. As my old man said of the Bjelke-Peterson era in Qld: “It is pretty easy to dig stuff up and sell it in boom years. It doesn’t take too many brains to manage a state based on that.”

    Alberta has had a dream run resource-wise and the conservative incumbents benefited from that. Things could change soon. Oil prices and oil production look likely to be heading for a long period of instability. But again, too much of this talk takes us OT.

  4. Rob Not a truer word written. Do you think he ever talks to anyone? Or does hethink he is being paid by the word

  5. If Turnbull gets the job there will be ongoing LNP conflict over emissions abatement. Ignoring the likes of Jensen and Bernadi I think heavyweights like Robb and Cormann oppose action. Bishop seems to sit on the fence despite a pledge of loyalty to Abbott. Turnbull has said he favours an ETS while Climate Spectator suggests turbocharging Direct Action. The trouble is DA will struggle to cut 5% of emissions 2000-2020 whereas the cut should be more like 20% as a minimum.

    Would Turnbull introduce an ETS now or take it to a 2016 election? He could be perceived as a lame duck if he sits on his hands while professing climate concern. I suspect we’re in for a dry year like 2007 of Ruddslide fame. That was a disappointment too.

  6. Abbott just talking in an interview claims that this spill is “not about me,….it was never about me”.

  7. @Ikonoclast

    Okay you are good with being the target of some weird childish person and I’m still a bit happy with the schadenfreude and this feeling does make one far less bothered by the sub-standard electronic graffiti.

    I still like to wonder ‘what is going on in their heads’ and specifically what sort of disordered dynamics would produce some one who could post that and not immediately experience extreme shame and deep regret. Oh well.

  8. I really haven’t the foggiest what the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting will be. Talk of shirtfronting Abbott could soon dissolve into scenes of mutual koala cuddling, for all I know.

  9. I’d be surprised if J bishop wanted the job, tho I’d like to see her suffer in the hot seat .A Bolt seems to want S Morrison .It would be interesting to see how a nutter controlled Liberal party headed by M Turnbull would work. I hope M Turnbull doesn’t get it ,I want continued revolution against the nutters not a slow motion car crash.

  10. “Srsly” it’s like a rather gripping soap, politics at present. Every time I head off to do something else, I come back to find there’s been some new dramatic development. Now Tony Abbott’s brought the spill motion forward to tomorrow. Oh well, at least we political tragics won’t have to wait so long for the next big moment!

  11. Only one more sleep! My favourite Petty cartoon of all time featured the Queen, turning to an aid in the presence of Gough, and asking ‘what’s he mean, the rough end of the pineapple?’. In the wake of the sacking, if you don’t know.

    Tomorrow, who knows who will experience the rough end of the pineapple. All the contenders are worthy of the award of Honourable Recipients of the award for the most undignified, Warranted or Unwanted, Unlubricated, Pineapple Rectal Insertion (Without Prejudice) of the Hempire (stand up when the Queen speaks, you lout) Rusty Nails and Bruce Ruxton Award of the Holy Legion of Whimpering Sycophants Medal.

    I hope Canberra Hospital has improved or that our Tones has top level private health cover. He’ll need somewhere where the breezes blow soft and are scented by herbs and Church incense. And the smell of a choirboy or two, the auld Catholic.

    If it is, praise be Lord of All Creation and the concept of Natural Justice, Turnbull, then let the games begin.

  12. @BilB
    Yup, saw that one on Twitter! Though there was a bit of argy-barging about it at first. I see from the poll bludger that there is a teeny chance Labor could get ahead in Mount Ommanee ( I like some of the names of Queensland electorates) but it’s very unlikely to happen, so I guess it’s 44 + independent? Anthony Green suggests even if there is a challenge in the electorate with the undeclared bankrupt PUP (onya PUP!) it’s unlikely to be resolved for many months, during which time Labor can govern.

    The Productivity Commission will have to hold an enquiry into why no-one did any work in early February!

  13. Errk! I replied to Bilb and Jungney in one comment and have gone into moderation for my sins. Anyway the caravan rolls on!

  14. Exciting day 2 begins overcast in Sydney. Canberra today will be a city of tired thumbs, thumbs weary from the stress of all night and furious texting. It is just hours now before the days drama begins.

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