A new sandpit for long side discussions, idees fixes and so on. Unless directly responding to the OP, all discussions of nuclear power, MMT and conspiracy theories should be directed to sandpits (or, if none is open, message boards).

276 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. On eating, I take the view that as animals we homo sapiens are clearly biologically equipped to be omnivores. We have evolved to be omnivores… so far.

    It is a matter of choice for a human to be a vegetarian or an omnivore. Healthy diets physically can be constructed on both choices given enough local variety in food. However, I doubt that a healthy purely carnivorous diet is possible for a human. (Note: even some so-called carnivores are not always purely carnivorous.)

    I suspect (but don’t know) that the healthiest diet might be a low-meat but not a no-meat diet. So far are carrying capacity for humans goes along with global footprint and damage to environment, we would probably do best to go vegetarian with some small exceptions (allow a little meat and fish) and even to go insectiverous (which is still carnivorous of course).

    I am omnivorous in the standard aussie sense but a moderate eater of meat and fish rather than a huge eater of such. If people think not eating meat is healthier, they might or might not be right, I don’t know for sure, it might depend on a lot of internal and externa factors (to the body). If people think not eating meat is somehow more virtuous they are welcome to that belief but I do not subscribe to it. However, animals need to killed quickly and cleanly (least pain) if being used for food.

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