152 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. @Megan
    yeah I get what you mean about the hypocrisy of the ALP, and you can see it as a bigger betrayal than the LNP, but it just gets me the way the LNP attacks anyone who exposes the truth

  2. @Megan

    When I read where you wrote ‘At least the LNP doesn’t lie to their supporters about their cruel and inhumane policy agenda’, I was thinking about the Coalition’s policy agenda in general. I never thought of the idea that you were talking about refugee policy only. Did I misunderstand you? Sorry, my mistake.

    The idea that you were talking about the Coalition parties telling the truth in one area even if they lie about everything else is much less startling to me than the idea that you were suggesting that the Coalition parties tell the truth in general.

    Still, I’m not persuaded they do tell the truth even in just that one area.

    Operation Sovereign Borders will support regional efforts to facilitate the safe return of asylum seekers with independent observers monitoring the safety and treatment of people returned to their origin. The Coalition will assist countries of first asylum in the Asia-Pacific region to address the humanitarian and resettlement needs of asylum seekers “generated from within our region”.

    Is that the truth?

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