How about that hiatus?

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administratioh has just released its global climate analysis for May 2015. The results

May 2015 was

* The warmest May on record globally
* The warmest May on record on land
* The warmest May on record on the oceans
* The warmest May on record in the Northern Hemisphere
* The warmest May on record in the Southern Hemisphere

Also, the warmest March-May, Jan-May and (I think) 12-month period in the record.

Comment is superfluous, but don’t let that stop you.

132 thoughts on “How about that hiatus?

  1. @Ivor

    I agree. Capitalism is the wrong system for the next steps humanity needs to make if we are to avoid a future of barbarism or extinction. Those who defend capitalism as the final system, the ne plus ultra of all economic systems, are the same style of unimaginative defenders of an oppressive and exploitative status quo as those who in their day defended absolutism, slavery, theocracy, medievalism and so on. They can conceive of no other system other than that which is extant in their own time and which (of course) advantages them.

  2. Not to mention that the Solar Impulse II has broken the record for the longest non-stop solo flight in aviation history – 76 hours across the Pacific Ocean on the way from Japan to Hawaii, powered purely by solar energy. While we obviously won’t be jumping in Solar Impulse II-type aircraft for our next trip to Bali, it’s a symbol of what is possible.

  3. Exactly, TimM. And Solar Impulse is a technology experimental platform. There are a lot of systems being tested in this exercise, and huge amounts of data collected. But you don’t need a 24 hour solar plane to have fun. For the more casual daytime only flying couple there is Sunseeker Duo. Most of the same features of the international effort from a husband and wife team.

  4. Here is an excellent more personal video telling the Airbus electric story. It is about exploration, challenge, and achievement.

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