Happiness and unhappiness

I have a chapter in a newly released book on happiness, extracts of which have been published in The Conversation. My argument, summed up as Measures of happiness tell us less than economics of unhappiness, is a reworking of points I’ve made in the past. In particular, I argue that it’s more useful to think about removing avoidable sources of unhappiness, and that has been the great success of social democracy and the welfare state.

53 thoughts on “Happiness and unhappiness

  1. This site, keeptalkinggreece, looks OK as an unbiased/non-propaganda source.

    Also, “Ilargi” from ‘automaticearth’ is in Greece right now providing direct aid to the neediest and following events.

    IMF/neo-con fascism wants to have hospitals where patients must bring their own linen and analgesics and where newborn babies are held ransom at the hospital until the bill for their birth is paid.

    Australia – under this ALP/LNP/neoliberal fascist duopoly, that is your future.

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