27 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. It’s probably worth looking at this site re the worker self directed enterprise and co-operative concepts.


    One hears little about these ideas in the Anglophone world, dominated as it is by hard right-wing neo-conservatism. Much of the economic and social trouble in the non-Anglophone west and Middle East is now driven by Anglophone economic exploitation and/or the unworkable ideas of economic neoliberalism and its concomitant military adventurism (IMHO).

  2. Saw this comment in a reply to an article (“Shares go up and down” by Greg Jericho) in the Guardian. A poster had written:

    “That was why the Future Fund was created. To safeguard the superannuation of politicians and public servants.”

    to which another poster responded:

    “To safeguard the prospects of Peter Costello and friends. He is earning a nice salary by being on the board. It is a complete scam. Why would a sovereign currency issuing nation “save” its own currency?”

    Ignoring the comment about Costello, can anyone here far more knowledgeable than I, comment on the last statement ? Naively it would seem true that if you print your own money, the “unfunded” public super liabilities that people bang on about are not an issue ?

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