Double dissolution

Apparently, we are likely to have one, unless the Senate passes the legislation to reinstate the Australian Building and Construction Commission. I predicted a month ago that the Turnbull government will lose office, and I’m more confident now (though far from 100 per cent) than I was when I made the prediction. So, I’ll leave it at that, and open the topic up for discussion.

30 thoughts on “Double dissolution

  1. I’ve seen no media mention of the fact July 2 is during school holidays (Australia-wide, except SA). Not a show-stopper, but certainly added niggle. I think it would be the first federal election to be held during school holidays since 1974. There’s a reason for that, the perception being that it annoys people just a little bit more. July 9 is Aust-wide too, so a DD that avoids a 2018 half-senate election is only possible during holidays.

  2. @paul walter

    I suspect that most people pay little if any attention to the experience of other countries when deciding how to vote, and I don’t think that’s a pattern particular to this country or to this era. (You write that ‘Australians are unable to learn or understand’, but I don’t think Australians are different from people elsewhere in this respect; you write that ‘we will curse ourselves for our laziness in this era’, but I don’t think other eras have been different.)

  3. John Brookes :
    Labor should just pass the double dissolution legislation.

    I think that’s a really good idea, but how would Labor convince the hardheads in the unions to cop it sweet? Labor will need the support of the unions more than ever to have any chance of winning the next election, whenever it is.

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